Do people search for services on Facebook?

by grey38
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I don't, but in marketing it's never as "you do". So does anyone know if people search for, lawn companies, or window repairs, etc. on Facebook?

One of my sales tactics was going to be ranking higher on the list that renders when people search for the services. But if not too many people search in the bar for services, it might be useless to say?
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    Not sure about searching directly, but do know that once a business is found, people will search for reviews and added info on that business on FB.

    With social media being such a dominant force ATM, seeing what others are saying and what is being posted is where people make their decisions on products or services.

    Is the reason you see so many (almost all) the major companies promoting 'check us out on FB'.


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    Well that's true. I guess even if they really dont search there, I can still sell the service as "You'll be on top of the competition".
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    I have had people contact me for writing because they ran across my facebook.

    Check out my writing portfolio and/or ask me about advertising on my lifestyle blog.

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    I have had no luck advertising on facebook, anyone else?
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    The number is not very convincing yet it is increasing. There were times when facebook were only used to have chatting and making friendship. Now a days, facebook has become one of the biggest gathering of clients and customers.
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    I absolutely agree with Demetrius. It is high time there in facebook where people are getting connected to each other about different subject and business in one of them.
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    Yes! I have gotten tons of clients from Facebook. People really do use Facebook often.
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      FB is definitely one of the best source of traffic (targeted or mass traffic) you can find online right now, you like or not, it's a fact
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    Do they search for businesses on Facebook? Yes

    But they search for specific businesses. The vast majority of people do not search for "lawn services" and stuff like that on Facebook. Even if they did it wouldn't work well. We all know that Facebook's search is flawed at best.

    But getting new customers isn't why big businesses are on Facebook. And it isn't why your clients should be on Facebook.

    First and foremost Facebook pages for businesses is for interacting with your customers. Now the more your customers interact the more thair friends will see them interacting. And this could lead to more customers. It is social proof similar to a referral. The customers are not directly refering you but their friends see the positive interactions they have with you so they assume(rightly in most cases) that their friend thinks your business is worth using.

    Second Facebook pages are their to bring your customers back into the stores. Like VIP clubs. While following the 80/20 rule make sure to have exclusive deals for your Facebook fans. Also promote your normal specials so they know about them. A resturant has a great deal every wed? Share it every few wednesdays with your fans to remind them.
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      Also being on facebook and having that social interaction will help them rank better in google. I have a fanpage for one of my personal websites that sells an "as seen on tv" kitchen product.

      This site has maybe 15 pages of content, and ive never built 1 single backlink to it. But the site is sitting in spot 3 on the first page of google for its main keyword (right under the actual company that manufactures the product whos taking up the first 2 spots), my fanpage itself is in spot 5 and a youtube video i did for it is in spot 9!!! This site has withstood panda and penguin

      This is a nationally advertised product, so think about if a local business has great social interaction on their fanpage.
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    yes some people search some information on facebook.
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    I think FB is great for branding. But too many marketers spam the heck out of it and ruin it. I am sure if you run a legit biz and brand it well you will attract some potential clients from FB over time.
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    Yes FB, like any other business platform, can be a good place to promote and advertise your poducts, services or offers. If what you're offering has a great value, then your prospects will buy from you (like anywhere else)... I personally make around 700 hundreds a week thanks to my FB promotions.
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    Honestly, it all depends on your niche.

    I would never dream of using FB to search for local service providers. I'd gamble that most folks don't either.

    In fact, generally speaking, unless you can create or compile great content, facebook (like any social media website) can quickly end up being a time and energy vampire.

    Easy to hook up to, but hard as heck to unplug from.

    The key to facebook is making sure your niche aligns with the mindset of the person using facebook at that specific time.

    In most cases, marketing on facebook is interruption marketing at it's worst.

    It's not like Amazon, Craigslist or Ebay that attract buyers en masse.

    Now, I'm sure there are some people who use FB search function, but it's so weird and funky that I haven't really seen or heard of anyone monetizing it yet.

    If I were you, I'd just focus on maximizing on my local venues for generating traffic to my clients businesses.

    Anyone else getting results with FB search function?

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    People are looking for the type of services that you are talking about on facebook but they are not searching for it. What people do in these occasions is ask their friends for references. Building a good local brand and connecting that to a fan page would be the best way to take advantage of this. The key would be to get influential locals to like you and promote for you on their personal pages.

    As I was typing this I thought it would be great idea for a landscaping company to trim a bush in a unique design, like an animal or something and then to upload it to their facebook.
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      yes, absolutely! people do a lot of search on Facebook esp on services and the live
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    People make eforts for servces through facebook
    Served Over 100 customers and there needs with Web and Mobile Apps Development, if you are looking for one please connect with me with good turnaround.
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