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Hi, I am making some wood nickels and I´m looking for a way how to market it
over the phone.

1. How to explain WHAT IS IT
(it is wonderfull wooden nickel with a tourist sightseen picture, made of wood,
unique technique...)

2. How to explain advantages

3.How to design a leaflet for it?

Many thanks
#nickels #wooden
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    Doesn't matter how nice it is, it falls into the category known in Britain as 'Tourist tat'

    And the only place to sell tourist tat is at the place of interest, when the tourists' mind is temporarily numbed into thinking said tat would look nice on the mantlepiece.

    So you just need to sell it to the shops in the specific location and they will shift it for you.

    eg Windsor Castle china castles are sold in Windsor not Oxford.

    There are only 3 items that I can think of that do a (literally) roaring trade outside of their specific locations and that is the sale of US, British and Israeli flags in the Arab World.

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      Jan, if you're offering something handmade or bench-made, take it directly to shop owners and let them see your work in person. If it's good work, then they'll show you how to do business with them.

      If you can pitch the concept in 20 seconds, it's okay to call ahead to the shops and ask the manager/owner for an appointment. This is the way that everything else you see on store shelves was originally placed there.

      I'm sorry the previous poster was so ignorant and condescending to you. Just ignore him. You're welcome here. Enjoy these forums.
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    Not to be negative, but if you really want to sell your wooden nickel, you need to find out if there's actually a market for this type of item. You may want to do a little research before spending a ton of time making the coins.

    I would think that eventually, you could do consignment deals with small privately owned historical and tourist sites and landmarks. You would provide the nickels for free with their historic image on it, and they would pay you a commission for every nickel that's sold.

    Hope that helps and best of luck!
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    I agree, contact the types of places you believe would sell them, and just go ahead and ask if you can send them samples.
    Also, is there a little niche out there that this is relevant too? No doubt somewhere out there on the internet there are people are into that kind of thing. Find out and go become a part of that community.
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      I agree too, if your product is of good quality and original, go visit the established souvenir shops and begin a conversation with them. They are probably gagging for something new and unique. My g/f paints icons (the religious kind), not my cup of tea, but this is exactly what she did. The shop owners agree to stock them and they take a commission for every one sold.

      Just go see these people.

      Good luck with it
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    That should be "sightseeing".

    Good luck with your wooden nickels!
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    The only advice I have about wooden nickels is... don't take 'em. Not sure why, but I've always been told that by older people I've respected.


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