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Who here remembers to say Thank you to their offline clients after...

1. They've accepted your offer and kicked off the project
2. The project has been completed and full payment made
3. Any other pleasant experience worth recognizing with a personalized thank you message (email, personalized card with your handwriting, print letter, phone call, text message--as it applies).

I am really close with some of my clients so sometimes a simple Thank you text message always gets a hearty response and more business coming in. I will be upgrading this month to sending thank you print letters, and soon the best thanks of all... a corporate gift/gift basket.

This week I'll be sending thank you letters to...

* A Project manager that helped keep a tough project on track and finished relatively quickly that almost derailed completely due to misunderstandings!

* A General Manager and his Assistant GM for keeping to deadlines and working hard to make sure everything worked out at the end of 2 intensive projects

* 4 CEO's for giving me the job over others, referring me to colleagues and nominating me during company meetings etc...

Lots to say thanks for really...

Here is a sample thanks to help anyone who might need the boost...


"Good day to you (personalization here e.g. Sir or Mrs. Smith),

I wanted to check in with you regarding (enter subject matter here e.g. the just finished XYZ project and say a personal Thank You for (enter what they did for you that you know of e.g. nominating my company for the above project).

I sincerely appreciate your input that led to (add specific information of your and their experience e.g. the successful completion of the project within the agreed upon timeline).

I'd like to reiterate that I am available to offer further support or answer any questions as and when required as described in my earlier submitted proposal.

You can easily reach me via email or call or text me on 777777777).


Your name here



Anyone here already doing this? What method(s) do you use? And how has this helped improve getting repeat business/referrals/testimonials, etc?

I'm pretty sure this adds to the reason(s) why a company's reps or CEO etc would back using you again over a new prospective service provider.

What are your thoughts guys?

And thanks in advance for any shares


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    I always send out a thank you card to each of my clients right after I am paid. I think it just shows a little courtesy.

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    Here is a good guy sharing some good thoughts with us. THANK YOU!

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    Thank you for sharing. Read an article about personal, hand written
    thank-you notes last week. Ordered a box of cards on Saturday.
    Very timely. I'm sold.


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    Thanks for sharing! I always send out 'Thank You' cards on Christmas to all the clients I have done business with. Guess I should do this more often...
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      Originally Posted by Krisz Rokk View Post

      Thanks for sharing! I always send out 'Thank You' cards on Christmas to all the clients I have done business with. Guess I should do this more often...
      Happy to share Krisz

      Yeah the xmas greetings are a given and folks still do appreciate them for sure but saying a heart felt thanks right after a transaction definitely helps a tad extra too.

      If you're getting repeat business from some clients you can vary the method of thanks sometimes a text message, email, print letter, gift, card as it applies to the size and scope of the job and how recently you'd said thanks for another project/job etc.

      If it's really often they order from you, like every month, then you can stick to the occasional xmas thanks or other period as you see fit.

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    I belive that saying Thank You from your heart it's also a respect for yourself, to be a good person.
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    Good deal.

    I always say thanks when wrapping up a job for a client. For my more expensive clients, I like to send a card and a little present. Which reminds me, I need to do that asap.

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    Thanks for this thread! I Went through all my contacts and made sure to thank them all for their business, despite how big of a headache some of them were!
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    Thanks for the reminder. It is always good to say thank you and let people know that they are appreciated. So next time, they will remember you. It also keeps good karma and you should try to return the favor in the future.
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    I always say thanks even if they don't buy anything. I say thanks even if they're just inquiring. Courtesy to your prospects or clients can bring good karma to you and your business
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      Whilst it is good to be courteous and thank people where appropriate, it shouldn't be overdone. A couple of posters above are thanking everyone regardless, just because it seems to be good business.

      If saying thanks becomes just another business ploy and isn't genuine then the recipient will detect this, just as the "Have a good day" now means nothing at all.

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    Thank you for this essential article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a complete way of writing ? I have a presentation incoming week, and I am on the lookout for such information.
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    Yes, I am always say thanks to my client when they appreciate my work.
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