First Lead Generated from Video Marketing!

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I set up a wedding rental site in my area in January, I posted a few youtube videos that got quickly ranked and threw up a couple of articles. My video dropped in the ranking because I kept fiddling with it.
Pro Tip. Set up everything on your youtube and don't touch it. If you try to change anything later it screws with your ranking.
I uploaded a couple of other videos after that one failed.

I approached several video production companies about renting spots on the site. I did a pretty half ass job of trying to sell it to be honest. They all passed.

I'm partnered with a local video production company, so I decided to turn all the leads over to my buddy. We worked out a deal. We both promptly forgot about it. I haven't touched the site or the videos since January. Once I noticed how heavy the competition was in the wedding video market I decided to move on to other things.

He got his first lead from it today.

Turns out she saw my video on the first page of google, followed the link to the website and called my client. I asked her what she typed in to find it, and for those key words, my video is in the number 4 spot. She said she clicked the video because she didn't want to read through a bunch of websites. The video was about tips for hiring a local wedding videographer in our city. I asked what she thought about the video and she said it brought up some things she hadn't thought about and it was informative, which is why she went to the site. On the site I had clips of my partner's wedding videos. She liked what she saw and gave us a call.

This was my first successful lead generated from my online efforts! Most of my clients want videos for social media uses, not for lead generation so I'm pretty happy right now.
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