Why should a business owner hire you and not your thousands of "offline" competitors?

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A lot of threads ask “how can I raise my prices”, “how do I sell my service and position better”, or “business owner hired other company instead of me because they were cheaper”.

The question is, why should a business owner hire you instead of your competitor?

What makes you different from the thousands and thousands of competition?

Why do you need a USP?

You need a USP because if you don't have any way to be different than any other person or company that sells your same service or product then you are just selling a commodity. Selling a commodity is business suicide. People buy commodities based on price so if your prospects hire someone else based on lower price, don't be surprised.

Never get into a price war and base your business on lower prices (unless you really can be profitable) because you'll never win, someone else will come that charges less or you'll just make low margins.

A USP helps with positioning.

Do you have a USP?

You need to be able to articulate clearly and strongly how you are different from your competition and show a specific benefit that your client/prospect needs. A hole in your marketplace that's not being fulfilled.

Educate your prospect/client and let him/her know about your USP. This USP should be in all of your marketing materials, in all points of communication with your prospect/client, by you or by your staff. In your website, in your letters, in your postcards, cold calls, videos, face to face, etc.

Make sure you can live up to the expectations and always deliver on what you said you were going to, regarding your USP.

Quantify the benefit as much as possible, be specific. It must matter to prospects/clients.

Before you start any marketing campaign for yourself, develop a strong USP that will differentiate yourself and position you higher and above your competitors.

How to develop a strong USP: Your USP can be based upon:

  • Price Is your price lower or higher than the competition?
  • Value Is your product or service better value than the competition?
  • Uniqueness What is different about your product or service?
  • Convenience Is it easier to buy from you than the competition?
  • Service Are your services before, during and after the sale any different?
  • Reliability Is your product or service more reliable than your competition?
  • Quicker delivery Do you offer services faster than the competition?
  • Longer and more comprehensive guarantee
  • More advise and assistance Do you prove consultations, help and assistance after the sale is made?

Whichever way you want to differentiate yourself from the rest, make sure you pick one and make sure you deliver on it. You'll be ahead of the competition that sells commodities based on lower price. You will position yourself above competitors that can't answer “why should I do business with you instead of him?”

So guys, I'm a business owner: why should I hire you and not someone else?

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