Unexpected Direct Mail Grabber Idea that Worked on Me

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I want to share a direct mail grabber idea that a fellow marketer sent to me as part of his sequence. It really worked because it made me smile and I thought it was clever.

The Round Tuit Coin...attached to the top of his sales letter (you can find these in a Google search).

Copy reads,

"As you can see, I've attached a 'round tuit' to the top of this letter.

Why have I done this? Actually there are two reasons:

1. Since what I have to tell you is really important for your financial future I needed a unique way of getting your attention...

2. And...since I can only assume the reason you haven't taken me up on my offer to send you X is because you've been telling yourself you'll do it when you get a 'round tuit'. Well, now you have one!"

If anyone else has a successful grabber that you've used to get offline clients, I'd be interested to know what works for you.
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      You really have my imagination going.
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          I like how you've included what worked "on" you, because that was really my point. Even with all the studying I do about direct mail, copywriting, and such -- I still like to be surprised in the mail. This marketer surprised me because all I ever get are oversized postcards from lawn care companies. It was nice to see someone try to "woo" me. And I'm sure everyday people not hanging out in the WF would like to be wooed also.
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