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The end of the first quarter is a good time to evaluate. Did I reach my goals for the first three months? Am I on track to make my income goal for the year? What can I do different in Q2 to make my projected profit? How can I improve on the processes I have set up to increase my business? What am I going to do differently to reach my goals? How do I need to change my business plan?

Write down your replies to these questions to increase your profits for the remainder of the year.

What has held you back from larger profits for the first three months this year?

I decided the biggest loss of profit for me in Q1 was my addiction to cigarettes! I find the location of a potential client, park the car and light a cigarette because I know i will not be smoking til I'm back in my car.

How much money have I lost because I cut the meeting short? I quit smoking today and didn't realize how much help is out there now for those who decide "that's enough".

What is holding you back from reaching the monetary goals you decided you wanted to reach last December for this year?

Remember, we're here to help each other.

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