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So i've been on this forum sense 03-26-2012 and i noticed all this talk about make money by sending traffic to 1 site to the other. Well I'm building a call center for this contractor company selling appointments for home repairs. But i would like to use the internet for my own lead generation. I'm not talking about being like service magic or any other company like them. I'm just trying make more leads for my self. My own little lead bank that makes leads when I'm sleeping. Its like canvassing on the web!!!
So it would be nice to use the companies website and what not. but the thing is... the company ask for allot then does allot of push back when you express what is right for what they hired you for. So as a Independent Sale Agent i have to have Sales Balls and do whats right generate leads to generate money. I would like to Build my own website and promote my company by promoting what i do which is setting up appointments. Now listen i can generate enough leads over the phone! i just want some advise on what steps to take?
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    Are you looking for a call center? I'm running a call center hit me up maybe we could do business.

    Call center or web design service anyone? website click here

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      Basically im building a call center. But i want to generate leads for my-self through the internet and for the company but by doing it completely Independent from the company.
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