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Hey everybody!

I've been doing online and offline marketing for a while now. While I do make a living at it, I won't sit here and tell you I'm living comfortably yet. It's a work-in-progress as I land more clients, build more sites, and so forth...

As my career has progressed, I have noticed that my biggest stumbling block is a lack of organization. There are so many online tools we use in the offline marketing universe, and keeping track of them all is more than most bookmark folders can handle!! Sometimes I'd go into my bookmarks, then forget what I was looking for because there were just too many bookmarks!!! I know it sounds ridiculous, but you're silently nodding your head, aren't you?

A few weeks ago, I decided enough was enough, and I designed a browser toolbar that organizes all the tools I use on a daily basis to generate, contact, and close offline business leads. The toolbar is FREE to download, and there's no opt-in form or anything. It has a metric TON of features, including:

  • RSS feed with Offline Marketing News by Google
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Buttons
  • Links to, Google Places, and Groupon to search for businesses
  • Link to to look up business information like owner name, email, and phone number
  • A Button to The Secret Weapon Hot Local Lead Source, a site that allows you to punch in your city name, scroll to the bottom of the results, and click to look at all the EXPIRED daily deals in that city! You want HOT leads at your fingertips? You got 'em now at the top of your browser!!
  • SMS functionality so you can send text messages to customers and employees
  • Forum links to Offline Marketing Gold and Warrior Forum Offline Discussions
  • Buttons for Skype and Google Talk to stay in touch with everyone
  • IM chat functionality
  • Doc to PDF generator button
  • QR Code Generator button
  • Google Tasks button
  • SEO Page Checker
  • Screen Capture widget
Keep in mind that this toolbar is still in beta-testing, and buttons and functions may be changed or eliminated as we receive feedback from our new customers.

I'm offering everyone here at Warrior Forum a FREE DOWNLOAD of this handy tool. I think you'll get a lot of value out of having all your Offliner Tools organized at the top of the screen where you can get to them


Please, if you have any feedback or ideas for the toolbar, email me at or just PM me here at the Warrior Forum.

Thanks guys and gals!! Have a great day!!!
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    Nice tool you got here. Any reviews? Thanks!
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      Originally Posted by KateStevensB View Post

      Nice tool you got here. Any reviews? Thanks!
      Thanks for your reply, Kate! Since I'm the developer, I was hoping to garner a few reviews from Warriors by posting the free download here. If you download it, you'll see how everything is organized right at the top of your screen. I think you'll find it quite handy.

      But not to worry: if you don't like it, the download is very easy to uninstall from your browser. Just find the browser options and uninstall the toolbar.

      Thanks again and have a great day!!
      New Offliner's Tool Box Browser Toolbar is LIVE!!
      Get Your FREE Copy HERE
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