Facebook Search: Why Google Should Be Worried

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Here is an interesting article I came across this morning. Would love to get some Warriors points of views on the topic

Facebook Search/
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    Great article! Think about how awesome this would be for marketers, especially with all the relevant data Facebook has about it's users.
    This May Just Be The Last Tool You EVER Use For Leads…
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    My point of view is that it's interesting and I have been saying to watch out for it for a while now.

    Google needs to be scared of facebook. It once was search engine vs. social network... now google tried getting into the social network game.

    Google + is not effecting facebook... I don't know anyone that truly believes google+ is better than facebook. I don't think that move was ever a threat to facebook. What IS the threat, is facebook releasing a search engine. THAT is something that could really threaten google. With the insights FB has available, it really could bring a more relevant search, although a much different search.

    Business wise, search engines are proven to be a pretty solid business. Good profits for FB.

    The only thing I really have doubts about is that Google is much larger than facebook. People might disagree with that, but Google has almost every area of the web covered. Google earth, maps, sky, news, blogger, plus, analytics, adwords, adsense... etc.

    The thing that google offers, is opportunity. Adsense alone is a great thing for them, facebook will need to figure out how to compete with the Google machine on a larger scale.

    Until FB releases their search, and starts adding onto the company, I don't see it taking half the market share. I think it MIGHT be a little above bing.. bing is what, 15.3% or something... I think FB might be able to take a 25% marketshare out of the gate but having a growth stunt at about 35-40%.

    You have to also think... not EVERYONE is familiar enough with facebook to use it daily. There are a lot of older people and non conformist who don't want the hassle of going into facebook and figuring things out. just to search for something. They will likely just go to google where you won't need to sign in..

    An interesting thing though to think about, is if facebook made a deal with firefox as the default search in the browser like google did a few years ago. That could help out with market share.

    Anyway, lots of rambling here, sorry... just something interesting and exciting to think about.
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    Kyle & Carson from Wealthy Affiliate have been writing for ages now, that google search is simply not the only source of traffic anymore, and that the likes of Facebook are absolutely huge threats. This got me thinking recently and it occured to me that, although I am a huge googler (still keep it as my home page), I realised some people I know rarely bother googling anymore for products and services, but find what they want through facebook.
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    Nice article. We can say that facebook is much more than social networking website.
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    That is right. There is more to it than just sharing photos.
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    I use Twitter more than I use Google for local search. Not a big Facebook user because I am sick of the constant updates from friends about their kids and people complaining about the weather/job/life

    Twitter should be mandatory for every business.
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    Here's my issue with this idea.

    As of right now Facebook's current search is horrid. You can't find peopel even on your own friends list at times by searching. Have you tried looking for small local business pages? Good luck. You can type the exact page name and it won't come up.

    My point? Facebook's search is fundamentally broken. They would have to hire a team to recreate it. And while yes they could the question remains does it make busienss sense? Google gets money from ads in search results. Facebook gets ad money from us all the time because many of us are on facebook for many hours a day. I personally think the money spent to make the search work well would not be offset by new revenue it would bring. That that is not to say that Facebook could not decide to launch a stand alone search that uses ads in the way google does. But just like google failed at social networks I suspect Facebook would fail at it.

    if these companies were smart they would stop fighting and join forces. Google could fix Facebook search and could co brand ads within the search. And Google could get access to Facebook data to promote social search. Social search is a great idea but no one is using google plus in a serious way. Integrating google search with facebook IMO would be much better if they could find a monetary solution that benefited both companies.

    Focusing on each other as competitors is merely going to allow another company to step in and do what these two should and could be doing now.

    Look at google and Apple. Google decided to compeat with Android vs. playing nice. Now Apple is trying to use google maps less and less. When do you think they will launch navigation? Sometimes big companies need to realize that if you focus on what you do right and partner up you can legally lock in your monopoly.

    But wall street wants increases and for near monopolies that gets hard without expanding into new markets. it's the reason that Wall Street has never liked Wal-Mart even though from a business stand point you can see that Wally dominates their market.

    Wall street sense and business sense are often opposites. It's why in the last 20 to 30 years we have seen so many large companies rise and fall(AOL anyyone). The companies worry about Wall Street vs. running the business.

    It's why we have IPOs for companies like groupon that have never and will never make a profit. In the real world that means a company is a failure but in the world of Wall Street and VC it just means you pour more money into it until the last ones in get hosed when the stock price finally crashes.
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      This is my take on it -

      Facebook is an Interface that keeps you contained in their Operating System, Facebook - Whenever you search from your Phone, it does not send you outside of the FB-OS, there fore anything you "engage" with, Facebook will know -

      I call it Social Semantics for the Web, predictive intelligent Web Engines that based on your connections to the web and social media and algorithm it will place the most relevant information is coming.

      Also remember the Ad System is changing from CPC and CPM, to time being spent on the site "engaging" - Meaning, Facebook has end users spending lets say an Hour on it....that is where the bulk of future revenues will come from aside from the Advertising....but time spent on site is a number to look at moving on forward...

      No one hangs out on Google to see what their friends are doing, it is used as a Search Engine...Did you ever see the Giant BING integration on the Log In Screen - ..... I did and I am happy, I love Bing @!!
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    Wow this looks very interesting indeed. I am sure that after Google Plus was initiated, Facebook were like lets get back at them by doing their main site role. Think of the mass amount of traffic drop for google if this was implemented well!
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    I doubt that Google has much to worry about at all. Just like Facebook didn't have much to worry about Google+. They both know what they are really good at.

    most people i know like Google because they get relevant information based on their searches. Sure it can be manipulated, but that's why they are always updating their algorithm.

    Facebook would have to compete with their results, and if they like Google better then Facebook's search engine will be forgotten about quickly.

    There is more to a search engine than just a big name.

    Posted from Warrior Forum Reader for Android
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    Facebook Pages and Posts Rank Well...at a Time their Notes Function was a very powerful SEO Juice on Google Search Engine....but it changed.... when you weren't able to import Notes function from your blog...now you have to use an APP...

    It is a connected web...that is what Google fears....People are Connected to Facebook where as People are Using Google for Information.....Once Facebook turns on the switch, it should be very interesting.....Have you noticed how they have City Page Profiles...If you do a search from the city page, you can search for anything on there - I use it for Finding Dealerships....so far so good
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