Ultimate Salesletter....How to get your services in front of those big time CEO's

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Just wanted to share a thought.....
Sometime in the not too distant future, I expect my real world business to have a lull....thanks to this crappy economy. Knock on wood....I'm fortunate that it didn't happen over a year ago.
When it hits, I'll deal with it by launching an Internet services business.

Anyhow, when I'm in the thinking big mode, i'm trying to come up with ways to get to the really big cats....the CEO's and Presidents of decent sized businesses.....especially if it is some type of chain or franchise.

These people are virtually unreachable.....
On occasion, you meet some of these people unepectedly by accident.....and sometimes you can get a quick handshake at some business function or social gathering.

For those times that it's only appropriate to get an intro and handshake, you can say anything you want on a USB flash drive.

Not just any drive, you can get them in a business card form, imprinted however you want.
I see them for $5-6.00 ea....mimimum 100

If you give one of these at a social function, they'll also show it to everyone around them (other big timers) and there's a reeeeally good chance it will get plugged in.

Many years ago when I worked for someone else, I went to golf outings for a business organization of professionals that were all doing pretty good salary-wise, and they were like little kids showing off their door prizes if they were anything but golf balls.

Anyhow, just wanted give a little food for thought about a way to reach some of those impossible to reach big guns.

Don't be afraid to spend money on people that can give you major returns.
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    CEOs and presidents of medium to large enterprises are much easier to reach, than most doctors and attorneys. It isn't the reaching them that's the problem, it's being able to peak their interest for what you are offering. If you know what to say to them grabbing their attention isn't that difficult either.

    With all of the viruses and trojans and malware being spread these days, I would not plug any flash drive into my computer from a stranger. I would think about it 3 or 4 times, before plugging it in, if it came from someone I know.

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    Why would you expect a drop off of business NOW? The economy is getting much better than it has been in years. If anything, you should be seeing much more business, not less.
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      Originally Posted by Paul Gram View Post

      Why would you expect a drop off of business NOW? The economy is getting much better than it has been in years. If anything, you should be seeing much more business, not less.
      unless of course he doesn't...
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    The economy is very fragile right now and wouldn't take a whole lot to send it back into another tailspin. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan in place.

    When I'm flying I always plan on landing safely, but they do make you listen to the stewardess tell the backup plan each and every time.
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