How 10 minutes of talking generated me $10000 of business!

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No this is not a WSO pitch on "how you can do the same" this is just what happened to me and required a lot of hard work!

Back story:
For some months now I have been working with a solar company who services both the wholesale market and the retail market when I first came they were just starting in the retail (When I say retail I mean they install solar panels in residential homes), since then I have successfully generated a ton of leads for that business.

A couple of days ago I got a phone call from the owner saying

"We've been really impressed, with the amount of leads you have been getting for our business. We are inviting all our solar clients, and potential clients to a seminar we are hosting, and would you be interested in talking about marketing online?"

So I prepared a quick slideshow wowed the audience with my presenting skills and afterwards sold $10k worth of web design and local seo services.

So I guess the moral of the story is to try and find as many clients as possible who do both wholesale and retail!
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    Well done and congrats.

    Now get all those new clients to refer other business contacts for discounts on your service or add in some thing else for free if one of there referrals signup
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    Awesome job....

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    Getting in with wholesalers is a great business move. Not as easy it seems though but if you can do it then you can be the "go to guy" for IM in that niche.

    Just here to see the shenanigans.

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    Yeah luckily I landed the wholesale client through a total fluke (One of the wholesale salesman found me through the classifieds .
    If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative - David Ogilvy
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    I assume this is such one in a million chance.. you've got a chance, & you can see the bigger opportunity inside to be done, .. that's the key... awesome !

    warm regards,

    ari rusmiland

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    Great story! Thanks for sharing.
    See our great value publications - business, SEO, etc. Being added to weekly.
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    Nice work! I landed a nice partnership over a year ago from a lead off of Craigslist, and so far he's sent me $20k+ in new web design business

    Strategic partnerships like this are powerful depending on how you structure the partnership, how you pitch your service,etc.

    - Ahmad
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      Here's another moral of the story....
      Deliver "Positive Measurable Results" and those happy customers will make everything you do easier and more profitable.

      Happy customers=profitable referrals.
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    thanks...nice share
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