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I have read many reviews that this forum give the best info. My question to you is in your poinion who are the top 1-3 people you feel give the very best info in this room?

Feel free to state why if you wish.

This will help some newbies to know instantly who to follow to get the real info.
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    john durham, iamnameless, david miller
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      Originally Posted by bob ross View Post

      john durham, iamnameless, david miller

      The exact three I was about to name.

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    Everyone has different strengths, so that would be a difficult answer since there are so many skills required in our industry.

    Whatever area you need help in, you will find many knowledgable experienced people here who can share ideas.

    I hope this helps

    Lori P.
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    I say let new guys learn who to follow by themselves, all a thread like this will accomplish is the stroking of egos of "the big boys" around here.

    Personally I have seen just as valuable information coming from somebody with 10 posts as I have from people with 1000000.

    People around here already disregard information based on low post count and I see mental masturbation threads like this as a waste of time.

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    i agree with @shmerns. Every one is expert in there field. You like google, but i like yahoo but someone else like bing itz that simple.
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    direct mail: bob ross (Jake)
    telemarketing: David Miller and John Durham
    Management, motivation: iamnameless

    there are many other people that I like as well but the ones above are my top ones.

    And of course my favorite of all time has to be Jake - bob ross w/o any doubt !!!
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      Originally Posted by Whos That Guru View Post

      I like lots of members on here.. too many to name.
      I agree.

      I can't come up with a "Top Three." So many members with so many skills!

      Are there some people I give more weight to on certain subjects? Absolutely.

      But I think there are lots of members here that give great ideas, and to say "You need to listen to X, Y, and Z person" may give newbies the wrong impression, and they might miss out on some great (and life-changing) information.

      JMHO and YMMV
      "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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    I appreciate that acknowledgement guys... I'm sure there are many that don't feel that way! LOL.

    It's hard for me to say, and I don't want to leave people out and hurt feelings. I think John Durham without a doubt is someone that I enjoy reading. Definitely has a ton of inspiration and motivation in his posts and the knowledge and experience is through the roof.

    David Miller... Awesome guy.. No BS no nonsense.. that's what I like about him.

    I like bob ross.. I like ken michaels even though he thinks my name is steve.

    Dexx, Chris Rivers... I don't see dexx around too much lately, but he's a good one to watch.. Chris rivers seems to never get the attention of a lot of people but comes on with posts in his threads that are pure gold.

    The Sales Guy, only has a few posts but I can already tell he's going to liven up the community.

    MartinBuckley... you are pretty good too. The reason I like you, is you see opportunity in many areas that aren't really talked about. I like it.

    Diedra, is another good one. John Spangler too..

    There are so many valuable members on this board. Picking the top 1-3 is impossible, because based on info there is so many different forms of information on different areas it's amazing. I guess it depends on what you like the hear or read about. If it's cold calling, direct mail, operations, etc. Not to mention, the ones that post recreationally adding value but nobody has really noticed yet.

    So many options.
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      Let's not forget Michael Hiles.
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      I certainly appreciate the kind words...I don't think it could have come on a better day!

      But I do believe that it's the totality of the people that makeup the offline forum that creates the synergy that encourages all of us to try and do the best we can.

      I was a lurker in the forum for quite some time before I started to be an active participant. Prior to that point I had garnered a great deal of valuable information and insight. It wasn't until I started sharing that I understood just how valuable a tool the forum is for my business.

      Have a problem with a piece of software? You'll get your answer here. Have a question about a client you want to close, or get payment from or want to hit with your car? You'll get your answer here. Need a little advice or information? You'll find it here.

      I know that a lot of people reading this are "lurkers" and wondering if they should have a little input in what goes on here. Once you stop lurking and become part of the conversation, you'll begin to realize the true potential of what this forum can bring to you.
      The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.
      -- FRANK SINATRA, quoted in The Way You Wear Your Hat
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    Evie, Evie, and Evie

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    Definitely the three mentioned are good to listen to. But there are others. The problem for people new to this or running a business is that unless they are doing this they don't know what is B.S. and what is not.

    Maybe a good idea for newbies is to get a couple of ideas (and not more) and run with it for awhile, like a couple of weeks, not a day. Tweak what isn't working. You have to work with a method or system and it has to work for you.

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    I believe there is a core group of regulars here(about 10 to 12) that provide some solid value here for everyone.

    Sometimes they have conflicting opinions but they always back up their opinions with real world experience.

    So it is hard to name just 1 to 3. This forum holds so much value compared to most because we have this core group that will give opinions and advice on nearly every thread. Many of them start threads with value as well.

    The very fact we are all having trouble naming just 3 is why this forum is one of the best around. I see a post by any of these regulars and I know I will get value from reading it.

    These regulars also regularly call people out on BS and WSO pre-sales. Thus helping make this forum very n00b friendly.

    I can honestly say if you gave this forum to a smart driven person they would be making a good income within a month. This forum is that valuable. You can read the threads here and learn real advice on how to run real world businesses. It is not get rich quick crap but real advice on how other did it.
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    Recognition where it's due. I have to say, I'll read anything by iAmNameLess and have for a good while, since I started hanging out here 6 months ago (time flies too fast!)
    David Miller is cool.
    I will read Jason Kanigan whenever I get the chance.
    Another not mentioned thus far, for whom I have great appreciation for is Mike from Somacore (somacorelc). I've saved some of his posts in my archive.

    And, since hanging out again after a brief break (although reading more so than posting - I'll start writing a reply and then trash it as I haven't been in the mood to respond to much lately); anyway, since hanging out here again I have found good stuff in beeswarn's posts, and have shared some of the same sentiments.

    Of course...I have appreciated lot's of valuable one-off posts from individuals without the same "fame" as those mentioned.
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    I think anyone who shares their real world experiences, and not just stuff they think or heard will work is worth listening to. I guess it's pretty hard to figure that out though on a forum like this and I have a list of people I follow, but I can't think of everyone's names so I won't name anyone; not to leave anyone out.

    I will name the females' post that I like to read though..Shay and Di (don't know the full username..sorry) I wanted to put the women on here since everybody is naming men, you all are not the only ones making money lol

    Seriously though, you can pretty much figure out who knows what they're talking about after a while. I don't judge based off of post count, they could be out making money in the real world and just learned of this forum, they have to make that first post one day, so just because someone only has 18 posts doesn't really make a difference to me. If you can help me make money, I'm all ears
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    How the heck could I narrow it down to just three? There are so many to pick from that to just pick three is grasping and throwing out names.

    So if I pick only those three names, will that mean that I endorse everything that they say?

    No. I respect David Miller, John Durham, and IamNameless when it comes to telemarketing, but that does not mean that I agree with everything that they will say.

    But now I just left out Bob Ross, who got me really into doing direct mailings for myself. Then there are the lesser know guys like Kenmichaels, RyanMckinney, and Jason Kanigan who I also think have alot of knowledge and are entertaining to read. I like reading Ryan's posts because you can see the journey unfolding.

    Shay is coming on strong and giving some great info out on how she is building her directory business. Really interesting to me because that is what I have been considering starting, which of course was started because she had been after JD to do the post on it.

    There are so many that I have missed because I do not have the time to boil them down to the best. Each one of these warriors bring different aspects to the forum that to just say that there can only be three real good ones, where does that leave the others?
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