Which Facebook application do you use for creating fan-page for customers?

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Hey warriors

I have been approached by one of the customer to create their fan-page and he is agreeing to pay me $300 per fan-page custom designed with 7 tabs.

He also want to have free hand to change the content and images himself whenever he wishes to do so. I have suggested him Welcome tab that has an auto-responder, video tab, photo tab, shop tab, donate tab, blog tab and Portfolio tab. He is a lawyer and running for a local MP seat from one of the constituency. All the tabs are to be like a mini-site and not the conventional page tabs.

I want to know what application offliners are using and are comfortable with multiple tab installation, custom design or drag and drop kind of arrangement, in-built templates.

I searched in Google and found some like Wildfire, Involver, Tabpress, Tabsite, Static HTML, iwipa, Lujure, Hosted iFrame, iFrame Engine, FaceItpages

Is anybody using any of the above for commercial purpose and if so, how do they find it and what are your recommendations?
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    I've heard PAGEMODO is very good. You can try that.
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    Sorry for the basic question; Are tabs pages? What's the difference between a tab and a page?
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    Hmmm... this is new indeed. I think tabs are buttons at your page.
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    Conventional Page Tabs are what you see as a Facebook in-built page. Check out the pic below to get more clarification.

    The site tabs are as per the picture below:

    I am sorry if I was not clear. I need something like the second picture that can be made, just like a mini-site.

    Any recommendations, please share.

    (If you are unable to view the above image within the thread, then please right click the image icon and click on open image in new tab)
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    Have you tried
    The Social Networking Academy ?
    If you sign up as a free member you can create great facebook pages. I am not promoting this product as an affiliate !
    I just happen to use this and it is user friendly.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hello its simon,

    did you get my last message ?
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    I have used north social, fb x tabs and shortstack along with the simple static html app.

    Suggest you look at north social and shortstack for overall simplicity of use.
    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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    Personally, I prefer to use the static html app and use my own templates on my own servers etc... more control that way... there are also WP themes you can use with a WP set up... guess it all depends on how much you want to do etc...

    Linda =}
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    Jason Fladlein has a product called WPFanPro I believe. It makes customs tabs and all of that, but honestly it's not the best thing I've ever in my opinion.

    I use another one called WP4FB (wordpress for facebook) that is pretty awesome, and makes some really nice tabs.

    The thing about tabs though, is that you are WAY undercharging your client for 7 tabs. Tabs aren't really the most fun or easiest thing to do, and I really really really think you are not charging enough for that many.

    I understand the Jason Fladlein's of the world will tell you that one tab is worth 5K and maybe to them it is.

    But for real....it's kind of a process especially since Facebook requires that you have your tab hosted on a HTTPS server, then you are adding a few hours of work just to get that going.

    If you want to see some examples of both of these products PM me and I can show you. Make it quick though, because I think I am about to lose the domain I use for my tabs...but as of today it is still in my name. (not going to renew)

    Good luck.
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  • Hi,

    I do a lot of fanpages for local clients, just as a tip, no one is going to visit 7 pages on facebook. So the BEST advice I can give you is to cut it down to 3 pages, if you overwhelm your fans they will not come back to your page.

    That being said I create most of my fanpages on wordpress. Here's the basic instructions:

    1.) start a new wordpress website that is 800 pixels wide as your main fan page.
    2.) you can use the atahualpa theme to fully customize the page
    3.) create a new page on facebook
    4.) on facebook and search for the static iframe tab app, and install it on the fanpage you created
    5.) Provide the url of your wordpress site
    the url to an image url if you want to do 3 different images instead of a wordpress one.


    Hope that helps ! : )
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    For me, Wp4Fb 2.0 (the latest version!)

    You get so much more from this Wordpress Plugin, that i'm using it allready for a few customers in the offline business.

    Easily create dynamic Fan Pages using a unique drag-and-drop system, and add a stunning visual image slider to your Fan Page (how many pages have this? Currently, not many.

    You can choose from 12 premium Fan Page templates, each of which can be totally customized. But to truly go viral, with a huge number of powerful viral tools, many of which have never-before-been seen!

    And so much more.

    This is the real deal for offline facebook fan pages! Check signature below for more info
    At least something for in return right?

    Check out my personal website at http://www.frankedens.nl

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