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by alemik
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So I'm going to this fair/exhibition thing tomorrow where there will be a bunch of small/medium sized businesses with stands and majority won't have any mobile sites.

I was thinking of cold approaching the stands and show them their current website on my phone and tell them why it's bad and then show them a mobile site demo (customized to their niche) of how it could look and why it's better.

I have no experience with cold approaches like this.

Please share any things I should keep in mind or some magical selling lines that would work great in this setting
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    Much respect for Brandon Ellis in giving us this idea.

    Give them something of value,take your camera and do a 30 second video, ask them why they are here and what products they have to offer.

    Get their details and tell them you will upload it on YouTube in a couple of days, let them know they can use the video for their google places listing.

    When you have their interest, tell them about your services I.e- mobile websites.

    I'm sure you will no doubt close a few deals.

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    Thanks for your input.

    The video thing won't be very effective in this setting unfortunately. And I have no idea who Brandon Ellis is, got a link to something?

    I consider my service to be the value, and I would like to catch their interest with my service right away somehow.

    And btw, this is a locksmith fair.
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    alemik, a locksmith show is an ideal captive market and I hope you go and pitch as many as you can. Mobile is great for locksmiths.

    My advice is that you do not let slip where this is because if you do I will camp out there all day. Your generic mockup is great for this event.

    The only caution I have for you is to keep in mind that 80% of locksmiths are flakes, hippies and hillbillies. Try to target the ones who look like they're running businesses. Survey the parking lot and look for the $50,000 mobile locksmith vans, remember their names and find them first inside the show.

    If the organizer charges an exhibitor's fee, say at least $500 for a table, this will screen out most of the flakes and you'll have a good day prospecting.
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