$4550 in 17 Days with ZERO Face to Face!

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Hey what's up guys?

I made a quick video of for the people on my blog and I thought I should share this with my fellow warriors.

It's already been about a year since I started offline marketing and I've been traveling for 5 months while running my business abroad.

I once was struggling just like you trying to figure this offline thing out... so I wanted to share this video with the people who might find it motivating.

If you have any questions, shoot em away!


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    thanks for sharing Chris!

    So do you outsource all the telemarketing to your team based in the Phillipines?
    I a trying to hire a telemarketer from odesk, and I checked their reviews, all I see is:"she/he tried hard but did not close even one sale/appointment" lol
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      We actually slowed down with our telemarketing for now since we're overflowed with projects right now.

      Telemarketing works wonders but you just need to find the right guy and it's really hard to find a CLOSER. Even with our designers and developers we pay top dollars to get the best in the city. You get what you pay for.

      One of the best way to find great guys on your team is to ask your star players if they know other star players.

      Hope that helps!
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