Has any of your offline clients suffer any change with the new update?

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Some of my lead generation websites have taken a hit, going from second place in the first page to God knows where, some clients have seen a hit for certain term, but NONE of them have been drop drastically.

I am trying to see if there is a pattern and if anybody else have seen any changes.

I use UAW and I have created my own network, on the previous update I lost a couple sites of my own network, but the weirdest part is that the sites that have been hit the hardest DID NOT USE THE NETWORK.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.
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    Exact match domains seem to hold more weight than before.

    Keyword domains on 3rd party sites seem to be doing better.. I have a couple on hubpages and squidoo that jumped from page 3 to page 1.

    Contextual backlinks seem to be hit a little bit if they don't have a high relevance factor.

    Duplicate content seems to have been given a boost..

    Little content, seems to be ranking well.. I have a site that is now #2 with no relevant content, and just pictures..

    If you're just doing on page optimization, expect to be hit a little bit.

    Other than that... I'm still trying to collect data... I dont have many sites that have fallen so I'm trying to find all the details I can.

    Seems that heavy backlinked sites are doing good, as long as a spinner wasn't used and auto submit wasn't used on directories.

    Anyway... just what I have noticed so far, will try to keep updated. I have about 80-90 scans queued up right now so hopefully I'm not hit too bad.
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      Thanks for the comment and analysis I have not been able to establish any type of pattern whatsoever on the sites I control or my clients websites, have you seen any decrease in local results? because I have seen just movement in broader terms not in the local arena nor the local maps.
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        I had two get hit.

        One of them who knows why. Did very little back linking. Although I never claimed his Maps and never did any of the other directory submissions. So maybe G just looked at it as a rental/lead gen site and smacked it. Ironically his yellow page site which is horrid is now in the top spots. 1 Page - No keywords just a total junk site. But apparently the G algorithm likes it. The one thing with this yellow page site is that it had no backlinks except for a few directories and the link from the yellow pages. SEO Spyglass shows 8 links total. I know I built much more than that.

        I am going to wait a week or two and if he is not back I am just going to buy a new domain and redo his site. Take me about 30 minutes to do. Much quicker than trying to figure out how to get his site back from the depths.

        The second one had no unique content. Tried to get them to add unique content from the beginning. Used all the content from their associations site. What is interesting about this one though is that the pages I back linked heavily dropped off, the pages I did not are still ranking well. Still has lots of page one rankings for targeted but obscure keywords. Not ranking for the main keywords. SEO Spyglass shows 30 links. Again I know I built much more than that. The problem with this client is that I can not rebuild his site as I did not build it. Ouch!

        Waiting for the next WSO about how to pull out from the latest changes. Which I am sure will be out tomorrow.

        I am thankful I may only lose one client from this. (Assuming they check which I doubt they will) Everybody else pretty much stayed the same or dropped just slightly.

        Holding my breath until the dust settles.
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