How To Sell A Bronze Sculpture Online?

by RRG
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***Sorry if this is in the wrong forum; this is the only one I typically post in.***

I have an esoteric item:

It's a bronze sculpture (realistic western scene) by an 80-year old artist that is not famous.

Nonetheless, the artist's son told me it could sell for $3000-4000 for someone who wanted this particular piece.

Only 30 pieces of this title were produced (in 1976). The original mold no longer exists.

My question is this:

Do you think there's a way to use Google Adwords to sell this? I would think the clicks would be cheap, since presumably not many people are searching for this artist on Google.

But those who are might click on it.

What say you about this or any other ideas to find potential buyers who are interested in acquiring works from this artist?
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    your best bet is to let interior designers who do upper income work know about it. they sell and use many one of a kind items.
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    eBay is your best bet here.
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    Originally Posted by redlegrich

    eBay is your best bet here.
    I don't think eBay is the way to go here at all. People are looking for bargains for the most part, and many of these unknown items will get lousy in the mix.

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    No ebay is not your best bet. Like I said, find a way to let interior designers know about the item. If any one can sell a unique one of a kind item like that its them. My mother was an interior designer for 45 years and she was selling one of a kind items to the upper crust folks all the time. They like to know they have something in their house that NO ONE else has. Trust me on this.
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      Times 1000 on what Russ has said.

      Good Interior Designers are like Art Dealers.

      Not only can they walk into a room and imagine the finished article, they also know what their clients like and if they come across something unique their rolodex in their heads will start to work out who will buy it.

      A normal end consumer market looks to get things for the least cost possible.

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