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It's only 4:00 AM....I'm on my first cup of coffee....and this nugget popped into my head.
I've still got cobwebs, so hopefully this will make sense......

A guy that was my sister's boyfriend through college is the founde/CEO of a company that owns about 400-500 office buildings. Mostly very substantial buildings.
They have a website for tenant servics. It's password protected, so I haven't been inside, but the "tenant services" concept is basically the foundation of the idea.

You can set up directory like sites for either a single multi-tenant building or a site that encompasses several buildings.

Tenants can expose their full range of services to their neighbors.
They can be charged a monthly fee....they can pay extra for additional ads like banners ....or they can pay a premium for front page and/or top of page listings.

Higher than normal fees are peanuts for major corps.

If you had a 30 story high-rise building with 100 listings, what do you think a sixth floor law firm would pay for a banner at the top of the home page. (heck, maybe you could take bids for that oceanfront property if there's several firms interested)

In addition to companies within the building, you'd list nearby businesses willing to make house calls.
Businesses such as printers, caterers, food, etc.
Make the site a useful services tool.
Some things on the site might even lend themself to some sort of affiliate commission for you.

Basically you'd be listing corporate resumes/ads and businesses services.

Most office building tenants don't presently have a clue who all the tenants are....and what they do....on other floors.

Anyhow, just some food for's totally undeveloped.

P.S. here's a bonus to such a now have contact with a bunch of corporate accounts. You're past the gatekeepers.....


Couple more tidbits......
-if you set up a site, and conservatiely it brings in $500 a month.....and you spend two weeks getting it all se up......rinse and repeat....that's twenty-six sites per year........which works out to $13,000 a month on autopilot.....and who the heck needs Google
-if you wanted to do anything like this through building managers, most (or all) cities have a local chapter of BOMA (building owners and managers association). Building managers are to go to lunch....and BOMA has several social functions a year, like golf outings, vendor trade shows, Christmas partys, etc.. They also have vendor books where you can place ads.
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    This idea is sweet. Let's keep fleshing this one out shall we?

    I live in one of the nicer apartment communities who host bimonthly continental breakfast for their tenants. Additionally they sponsor Special events for their senior population, single mother population, and kids under 12 and teenage groups. They're super community oriented and even have holiday socials where tenants with home based businesses or regular businesses can present their goods and services on site in our community.

    I say all this to highlight the fact that in addition to large property management firms, nice apartment and condo organizations might also be ideal targets to market this Tenant Services directory.

    As a former security guard services account rep, I often called these very organizations and know that this industry is pretty competitive and always looking for a competitive edge to attract new tenants.
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    Great thinking
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    I also think it is a great idea and with a little more thinking other ideas for marketing could also be used - you just need to be creative when you are advertising.

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