What would YOU do with an ARMY of 100 telemarketers?

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I just got off the phone with an old buddy of mines, he's a RICH real estate investor, he basically is willing to invest in my offline business(but I'm not biting yet)...I was joking with him and said well give me the money to hire an army of 100 telemarketers, and he asked - what type of sales could one get?

Offline warriors...

What would YOU do with an ARMY of 100 telemarketers?

How much in sales could you potentially generate???

Let's all do some math...
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    Tell him to give you 1k and you will take the time to create a business model on paper that will blow his mind with real projections. Then call me and say "I will give you $800 to create these projections".

    We could do it here, but then I'd have to charge you $800 for this post. lol
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    john just post it already
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    In short Ebiz I would do a bower model, and pull about 1000 sales per month @ $97 per month.

    Thats an understatement. A gross one, but when making projections its best to be understated.

    This would mean each telemarketer averaged 10 sales per month give or take...and I know they can do two per day supervised. 20% would fail every day, and another twenty would excel that same day and double their quota, while 5-10 didnt show up for work and the rest did average (1 or 2).

    Quota would be this simple

    "I want one sale in the morning, and one sale in the afternoon" 2 per day.

    While not all of them would meet their quota, I would exceed mine.

    100k would only pay for an operation like that for a few weeks though you would need to start with less telemarketers or more money.
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      If your goal is two per day, tell them they can go home (with pay) after three.....or go home with an extra $100 after four......

      Start canning people regularly there after two o'clock.

      ....bribery/incentives....the American Way
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    Hi John

    i had refrained from posting before since you have such a high post count and seem to have a large following here but a few points

    $97 a month for a directory listing sounds wonderful.. really does BUT I have to question this for the real world.

    sure one can sell anybody anything

    but then something comes along called "attrition" which can change the game altogether.

    I myself had various brick and mortar business over the years and I used to get all the calls for this and for that and if I ever actually bought anything I would keep it if it brings a ROI

    are people that stupid to be paying $100 bucks for a directory listing?????hmmm??

    sure there are exceptions dont get me wrong where the directory is bringing in tons of traffic like findlaw etc but overall I dont think so

    I used to also deal with restaurants for example and we had a monthly recurring service that would expand their lunch business.

    I even went as far as to test and go eat myself and say I heard about this place using this coupon so i know i can verify this

    and when I called later on the response would always be

    it aint working no one is calling

    typical mentality

    now the only way I tweaked the service where it actually became successful was to set up automated recurring billing

    and just charged them the monthly amount

    no calls no invoices.. of course they would sign this initially

    so the owners once it got past the first month

    the bookkeeper would just let the charges go every month

    and this was how I build a $50,000 month recurring business. ( sold it)

    this would be only way i can see this working.

    so I guess it depends on the definition of what is success

    is it simply getting sale after sale and what is the cost of acquisition or building up a recurring cashflow

    where you can actual have no sales for a few months and still generate cashflow

    John don't take this the wrong way

    I can always tell if someone is full of poo poo when they speak

    and you are NOT one of them

    also am a customer of yours

    what say you


    Skunkworks: noun. informal.

    A clandestine group operating without any external intervention or oversight. Such groups achieve significant breakthroughs rarely discussed in public because they operate "outside the box".

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    Well I'd have to hire some more salespeople/tm managers/staff/installers for my remodeling company to handle the leads but...

    100 telemarketers setting 1 solid lead per shift = 100 leads

    conservative 25% closing rate = 25 sales per day.

    conservative average $ sale = $4,500

    30% cancellations & finance rejections = $78,750 per day sales.

    I'll take $25,000,000 per year in sales please!
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    With a 100 telemarketers I would fire 90 of them because only 1 in 10 if not a smaller of fraction of sales people are worth the cost you pay for them to sit in the seat in the first place!
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    Simple... you figure attrition into your projections. I failed to point that out because its a given. We covered that in the first bower report, however for the sake of doing it here...

    Figure for 25% yearly attrition rates, and figure you are constantly replacing that 25 percent and growing exponentially...

    Now, make your projections and see if its still worth while. In your projections figure 40% and see if its still worth while.

    Personally I can tell you the reality is about 20% from experience with large numbers on this.

    Attrition is only a worry if you arent consistently selling.

    Within a year you can have a telemarketer whose sales you have mentally alocated JUST for attrition management.

    YOU are one of the 20% who cacnel if you didnt see immediate ROI... and thats why this is a concern.

    20% are going to think that way... most of them will have a positive roi ideally, but others wont even notice you are BRINGING them ROI at all, even though you may be.

    MOST of them just never give it a second thought and continue to pay just because it looks like an important expense on their credit card and they arent sure if they are cancelling something important or not.... or are motivated by the fear of "losing" the "potential" that might be there.

    Fear of letting go of a "potential" sale is a big motivator for alot of people.

    I point out alot on this forum the difference between reality and theory... there are alot of things that seem logical but dont really play out that way.

    Frankly if you are moving forward everyday, you dont even NOTICE the attrition you just steadily increase in profit every month and thats all that matters.

    You have to know ahead of time that some cancel, thats a given, just not as many as you imagine.

    Thats why this model is great because if one cancels you didnt just lose half your income, its barely a drop in the bucket.

    As far as my post count , that doesnt matter, the weight of my words and their merit is what matters. Dont ever let a high post count intimidate you, mine GOT this high because I was willing to challenge people with high post counts when I was less experienced at posting...just spoke my mind and stood my ground til I could prove what I knew was right, anyone who has been here for awhile has witnessed alot of that and can testify.

    Believe it or not, two years ago mentioning the word telemarketing around here was like saying you bought your picante sauce from New York city...

    They wanted to HANG me and alot of gurus literally tried to run me out of the forum. lol

    Dont worry about speaking your mind here.

    Originally Posted by gotguanxi View Post

    With a 100 telemarketers I would fire 90 of them because only 1 in 10 if not a smaller of fraction of sales people are worth the cost you pay for them to sit in the seat in the first place!
    Alot of the reason you see half assed telemarketers still having jobs is because over the large number the pistons dont all fire at once. A manager knows he has some slow performers in his bunch, but on the weeks that the stars arent popping 3 or 4 of those less performing guys combined make up for that single guys sales.

    Managers dont think of individual sales as much as the ROOM quota. he doesnt start thinking of firing people so much till affects the rooms daily quota. When THATS down he has to cut the fat... but when an individual is down, but the room is doing good he's more inclined to give that individual more time, because if they pop a sale here and there they fill in a blank.

    As long as they stay out from under the radar they can be safe sometimes for years...lol

    Its about averages. If you didnt have those guys you wouldnt have any filler in the blank spots. that being said you cant tolerate too much of that, they have to at least be good filler and pop a sale here and there for it to work right.

    The key here is "all pistons dont fire at once".

    If you only have one salesman, there are going to be days when you have zero sales...you need those filler guys in the mix too. ideally they should all be stars but thats not reality.

    Ideally you should be able to count on your stars every single day, but thats not reality either... the slower performers fill in the blanks, and keep the averages working like they are supposed to. You figure all those guys into the equation.

    Originally Posted by Jerry McGough View Post

    If your goal is two per day, tell them they can go home (with pay) after three.....

    That was EXACTLY what I did to motivate my room the first day we broke the companies 20 year record in 2007. Not only did they break the daily record, but they did it with two hours to spare. I find that going home early is an even bigger motivator than money, especially with pay for a job well done.
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