What methods do you use to recruit your sales staff?

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Hi everyone, my partner and I have been running an offline/online business for a while now, we've managed to built our sales network across the country, initially we recruited our sales staff just by posting ads of sites like Craigslist and such, it works, but I would like to know if any of you has another strategy to recruit your sales staff members to promote your online services.

Thank you very mcuh for sharing

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    its good idea by posting ads at craiglist ,you can also post at social sites like linkedIn,also gives you good results.
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    When doing phone interviews, make sure they sound good on the phone, find out what they are doing now, and also, give them a small task to do, and see how long it takes them and how well they do. Employers have people take B.S. tests all the time, this lets them know you are not playing as well!

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    I agree with Elijah. I'm not hiring sales people, but I've toughened my hiring process after I faced quite a bit of turnover with new contractors. So now, they send their resume, complete a preliminary online interview, have a phone interview, and send a sample of their work. After that, the training is self-paced, and I schedule a call with them after they review it and before they start contacting their first client. A lot of touchpoints are involved...hiring is no easy process. :-)
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    Talk to them by phone to see their skills as a sales person , make them sell you something .
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    Linkedin can possibly help you find better educated and more qualified sales people.
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    Thanks everyone! yeah actually, I've done some of this before too, but If I'm not able to meet them in person, I always try to do something like a Skype call or a phone call, that way I know if someon is the one.

    And yeah Rus, LinkedIn is definitely a great way to find people for your staff, I haven't used LI for this specifically tho.
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