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This maybe common sense to some but I just landed a client that was on the maybe fence by doing this little trick.

I phoned the guy, he told me he was interested in having a website made for his company, but he wasn't able to go for it for a few weeks. I told him I understood and asked him for the name of his company, he told me and I checked the domain name availability. It was available and I told the client so, I then told him that the domain could be bought at any time and he may miss out on it.

The client then told me to go ahead and register it for him, I told him I would but I would need a deposit. That was a few minutes ago, I now have a 50% payment in my PayPal.

Hope that helps someone.

Nothing like waking up and making $250
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      Originally Posted by Edward8451 View Post

      Sweet. Amazing when you take action, the phone rings, people want to pay you money, all these awesome things.
      Trying to get your post count up Ed? Same thing in 25 threads? Try to be a little more creative next time.
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        Nice motivation for some. Take action is what everyone reminds people to do, but most don't. The worst a potential client can say is no. Congrats on the deposit, may you have many more days like today.
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    good tip, action is key to everything you do
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    I never do anything without having a deposit and a contract.
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  • Assurance is a big and very important thing and we need it that's why in everything we do especially in earning income,we would have some agreements or contract to make sure.
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    Congrats. Now just develop the site on your own server. Work with your client and when he gives the final approval get the other 50% and move the site to his sever. Good luck.
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    A little common sense goes a long way. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the little things that make a big difference. But that's good, quick thinking on how to land a client despite initial obstacles. Good job and good luck!
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