Lead Generation Idea, What Do You Guys Think Of This?

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This just kind of struck me, I have no idea if it's been done before or if it's even remotely feasible...Looking for feedback people

So, you have lead gen sites that presumably just say 'Put your email and details in to hear from our dentists/whatever soon'. I could be wrong, I am not in the lead gen business (yet), but that is the gist of it from what I have read I think...

So my spin on this would be the following...Using a dentist lead gen site as an example...

'We find out which dentists REALLY care about your family by alerting up to (x) amount in (local town name) of your interest and getting THEM to call YOU! Our service sends an email with YOUR questions that then get answered by MULTIPLE dentists at once!"

Then you go around to each dentist and tell them that by paying $200 per month, we send you leads, you pick and choose which customers you go after based on their questions."

Kind of like a '99 designs' for lead generation?

Do you think this would get more leads in? I was just thinking to myself 'why would people bother leaving details when they want answers for dentists right now?', then I thought, why not give them a good incentive?

By offering this 'service', you are basically doing a few things :

- You are giving a stronger incentive for people to leave their details, by offering a solution to the problem of 'finding a good dentist in local town'.

- You can simply charge dentists a fee to be signed up to this service, meaning you could virtually get every dentist in the city on the roster paying either a monthly fee or a 'per lead' cost.

- You could probably sell additional advertising space on the site also??

I don't know, perhaps I am missing something...Thanks guys!
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    Could work. You'll have to figure out how to pitch to your service providers since they may not want to take the time to answer all these questions if they know the lead is going to competitors too. Businesses see a lot more value in exclusive leads than reselling to multiple people. That is what some of my clients have expressed to me.
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