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I've just launched a site called AV University that offers Audiovisual career training. This product is targeted to those seeking a career change or a start in a technical career.

I was recently told about a website called Fiverr. This website advertises people's service and products for five dollars. You can also post what you want done for five dollars. My idea is to offer someone five dollars to post flyers for my website around a school campus, library, or any other spot where potential customers might be.

I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this strategy, or may know of any other strategies that might work for marketing AV University.

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    If you plan on using a gig like this make sure they verify or something like that. Also, Fiverr is very big on this site as well so you will get many opinions about this.

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      Not sure if passing out flyers is best way for you to promote your business, but I I use fiverr quite a bit to help me with my business. I haven't used someone on fiverr to pass out flyers on campus but it would be worth a try especially since it's only $5.
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    Aside from the fact that it may not be the most effective way to promote your business, I'd be concerned as to whether or not the person you hired actually did the job. it's not like getting voice over work done where you get the mp3s.

    I'm trying to think of how you could confirm it. Maybe hire someone else on fiverr to go out and spot check and take pictures of your flyers and email or text them to you?

    Just a thought.


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    I have used Fiverr and few times. You get what you pay for. My experience with Fiverr was it was not worth that 5 bucks. Look for some help elsewhere, for example on WSO!
    Someone on this site is always willing to help and give their opinions.
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      As far as the flyers go, I was thinking of just having someone post the flyers on bulletin boards and have the rip-off tabs with the website address. This may be easier to get someone to do than actually handing them out.

      As far as finding out whether they actually did it or not, I thought about finding people in several different cities to do this. Then, have a way to track which area the person visiting the site came from. Either have a certain code, or just ask them where they found out about AV University. If I find out someone didn't actually do the work, I just don't hire them again.

      I'm still thinking over this. Obviously putting flyers up isn't my first choice for promotion. But, like I said before, I'm trying to figure out the best way to promote this in the beginning...before I can afford the big ads or PPC.
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      Originally Posted by mollymarkiewicz View Post

      I have used Fiverr and few times. My experience with Fiverr was it was not worth that 5 bucks.
      Actually in my experience, you lose what you had before having the terrible idea of using fiverr... that is you lose your websites and your business... because fiverr gigs will surely destroy it
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        Originally Posted by Nisip View Post

        Actually in my experience, you lose what you had before having the terrible idea of using fiverr... that is you lose your websites and your business... because fiverr gigs will surely destroy it
        Yeah, very rarely do you find a fiverr gig worth anything.
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          I just now received 3 videos from a gig I ordered 2 days ago. These are over 1 minute long that I will upload to youtube and then use the youtube vids on a dentist's GP listing to help move him up into the 7 box. I'm thrilled with what I receive for only 5 bucks and I'm confident my client will be happy with them also. I'm going to order more from this guy right now. In fact I'm going to use fiverr for whatever I need for my local seo work such as getting content for websites, etc.
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    I doubt someone is going to pass out flyers for $5. Maybe one flyer. Or they say they will but won't actually do it. Why not hire someone off Craigslist for $5/hr to hand out flyers?
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    I use Fiverr as my part of marketing strategy. Since I launch my new service recently, I need to build my reputation. Fiverr is the good place for me.
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      One of the important things to pay attention to on Fiverr is the feedback from previous customers. When you do a search on Fiverr, sort your choices by "rating" rather than "auto" and see what others are saying about them.

      It is only a $5 dollar risk, but you can reduce your chances of getting ripped off by letting others be the guinea pig before you.

      I hired someone to hand out flyers for me from Fiverr a couple of years ago and had minimal success with it.

      If you are doing the bulletin board thing, some providers will offer to take a photo of everywhere they posted it so you know they actually did it.

      It is possible to find some really great services on fiverr. You just have to do your homework.
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        By the way AV, I'm in Orlando as well. I attended Full Sail University a while back.

        What is the URL for your new site? I went to avuniversity.com and the contact info was in Seattle.

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          Originally Posted by cyberhythm View Post

          By the way AV, I'm in Orlando as well. I attended Full Sail University a while back.

          What is the URL for your new site? I went to avuniversity.com and the contact info was in Seattle.

          Hey Rob. Thanks for the advice. My website is .net not .com. Check it out and let me know what you think.

          Thanks again!
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            About due for a refresh AV. Everything feels kinda cramped and bland. Especially at the top with your logo, slogan and sign up box. Then your photos feel super old school, not a good way to lay out your pics really small like that, I can barley tell what some of the pics are and they are not clickable.

            The main issue I feel is you need a fresher theme, you will not regret it !

            Professional Video Reviews Delivered Within 72 Hours For Only $5 http://tinyurl.com/79wtklx

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    Without fiverr I wouldn't be where I am today!! I am not saying that every gig is good, but it takes testing....once you find a couple gems, you are all set!

    There are 2 types of people in this world....those who get it and those who don't. The ones that get it know exactly what we are talking about. The ones who don't are left scratching their heads.

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    Fiverr is amazing if you can find the good sellers
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      Just like to add my 2pence. Fiverr is very good for tedious work like backlinking. What i use it for is backlinking but not directly to my sites. Also very good for link pyramids.

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      I have bought gigs for Kindle covers and such along with link wheels and had good results. It is a buyer beware environment, but as mentioned above it helps to go with top rated sellers.
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    I had about 90% good experiences on fiverr. Fiverr rocks!
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    I have used fivver to outsource to get some articles re-written . I had very good luck I found a young entrepreneur who was a full time student at the university of Toledo and he did an outstanding job for me. For the price you can't beat. definitely worth the money. One note make sure you read a persons reviews before hiring.

    Tim Fleagle

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    The way it can be done is to tell the person to take pictures of the advertizment they put and tell them where you would like them to put them.
    Fiverr Rocks ans i cant live w/o
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    I suppose it depends on the job. No one should expect hundreds of dollars of work done for $5, but for simple jobs you can get a good return on your money. I think Fiverr is great. I've ordered a simple video landing page site and a bunch of graphic design. It's been about 75% positive. Sometimes I take a chance on a new person and sometimes I use the person with a long work history and great reviews. I use it for fun stuff too. Yesterday I paid a guy to sing a birthday song to my niece as Kermit the Frog. 3 minute custom video for $5. That's pretty good.
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    I have not used it specifically for that but have used fiverr for many one-off easy tasks. You need a quick logo made, bunch of backlinks created, an short voice over, etc.

    Works great fro stuff like that.
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    I've been ripped of by someone on Fiverr. Lucky I'm only out of pocket five bucks. You may have better luck using that site.
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    Fiverr is good for SEO, moreover Fiverr is cheap place for link building.
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    From my experience, it's not workalbe from Fiverr.
    however, things are different, maybe it happend to suit your niche, so try it.
    After of all, it's just 5 bulks.
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    • I received the funniest comment on my Fiverr blog today:

      Fiverr robbed me of a lot of money. I do astrology readings and tarot card readings for fun. After I contacted them about my account and where was my money? After not being contacted for a few days I received a survey and I put I was not satisfied so they answered right away and told me that I withdrew $28 early(keep in mind on fiverr you can't withdraw anything unless they okay it lol)They turned around and said that I owe them the money and they started to take it out my new readings! Slime Ryan the customer service guy even stop responding to me after I showed them proof of everything cause I keep up with my money. Now I am working for ps*chicgigs and I have never had a problem with them. Screw fiverr they give you a false sense of security and then they screw you over I was robbed! Oh and I did see it coming that is why I confronted them.

      Do you ever wonder how psychics get scammed? I mean, shouldn't they see it coming?

      Obviously the only purpose of this comment was to promote ps*chicgigs but at least they went to some effort.

      Fiverr is looking for freelance writers for its blog. Details here.
      Love microjobs? Work when you want and get paid in cash the same day!
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        My good experiences with Fiverr providers has been for some link building, article rewriting (not spinning), a couple of very simple video intros before I started playing with Keynote.

        Haven't had great experience with designers - mostly inexperienced and rushed - but it's hard to automate or rush good design, and I'm really pick in that area.

        But I won't work with anyone less than Level 2 if I can help it. It's only $5 if I get burned, which is not important. What irritates me is the waste of my time to find another provider or find time to do it myself (not!).

        Overall, good. In fact, I just bought three gigs today for a new site.

        Gary Smith, Partner, Wells-Smith Partners
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    I have used Fiverr before and sometimes you find a good one other times it doesn't pan out. But you get what you paid for as another member put it.

    Becareful there are some on Fiverr that will try to spam you to death once they get your information, so make sure you read the reviews very well before placing an order.
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    There are loads of webistes like fiveer
    Things people do for a fiver. What can you do for £5? - fivesquids
    MyntMarket| Trabajo Online Divertido Freelance

    You can try and hire a gig who can work for you and you can even post what you want
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    fiverr is good if you have good client.
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