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How many exact match local searches do you atleast need to get into a niche? What are your requirements?
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    One of my local sites is focused only on one exact-match keyword with ~40 searches/month. BUT, I get a lot more visits from other keywords which visitors used to find my site (usually these keywords don't show any traffic but these are very "buying" ones. )

    My oppinion is that you can start even with one, add content on the homepage with a lot of other keywords and then see which will bring you traffic (Google Analytics, Awstats- my favourite). Once you see the results then you can focus on SEOing them more (make separate pages, create youtube videos, backlinks, etc.) Of course, it may vary from niche to niche but this is what I use to do.

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    I focus on keywords/niches with 500 - 5,000 local monthly searches per month. Then build out a lead capture page and generate leads for my client. Or create one first, then sell page to a client.

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    For me the 3 golden rule which is i got it from google sniper 2 so ill go for 3,000 local monthly searches.
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      Thanks for the feedback!
      So it seems like longtail traffic is one of the keys for local lead gen sites.

      Originally Posted by kayetaylor View Post

      For me the 3 golden rule which is i got it from google sniper 2 so ill go for 3,000 local monthly searches.
      I know this kind of rules for usual niche sites but i think local lead gen sites will earn a lot more than normal niches so you don't need all that much traffic?

      My problem is i am living in a city with a population of 1 million people and for most local niches this kind of traffic atleast for a main keywords isn't possible.
      As an example the phrase "auto dealer city" in my city gets only 880 searches per month.
      And this niche has some decent competition so some some work must be invested to get good rankings. Without a lot longtail traffic this just seems hardly worth it.

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    I normally target more long-tail keywords as compared to normal broad keywords. Because my rule is that if you want to get bigger audience then be specific and talk about specific theme, and long tail keywords help me to do that easily.

    My ratio of choosing keywords is 70% long-tail keyword and 30% broad keywords.
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    u mean Local Listing on search engine right?
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    The amt of monthly searches, depends on the industry. Five extra leads a month is not a whole lot to a locksmith or house cleaner, but can be huge for a home builder.
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    That will depends on the goal you wanted to achieve and services that you are offering. Do some math.

    For example: You are targeting to get $5k/month for the site, and you own the product which is $1k/each. Then you need to have 5 sales. For a general conversion of say 20%, you will need to generate 25 leads. And not all those who searches for you keywords will go to your site. So we will assume about 50% oing to your site, and that is approximately 50 local exact searches.

    All the values above of course are a general guideline and it depends on your sales page and also the competition.

    I have one website that I target for a local market. The main keyword that I targeted was only 50 matches, and other long tail keywords that had lower searches but lower competition also. I generated average of 2 leads/ day (my site is in the first page of google search for main keywords in local market and a few long tail keywords also).

    I would say a 50 exact matches for a start but also depends on your product/ services pricing.
    Stay consistent and FOCUS!
    This is the best system to succeed in internet marketing.
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    I am just getting into doing these type of sites. I have found my keywords but do you think it would be too much to go up against another rent a site or lead gen site. Knowing what I know I see a lot of them in varies niches that I wouldn't think would have been targeted. It took my forever to pick my keywords and now I am unsure if I am going to rank because of two rent sites on the first page ( but they don't seem to have any back links or a great PR).

    Would you guys suggest to hell with it and just go for it or dor do you think I should start over again looking for other niches/ keywords?
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      You should mainly go after 300+ EXACT searches per month to be safe. The numbers below that may be risky for your efforts. Also, be sure to add many LSI keywords so you get more targeted visitors from longtail searches.

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    I have few sites that have less then 300 exact searches. Now these are very specialized niches where the average client is worth $X,XXX. To start out I would recommend something with at least 300 exact. Also don't overthink the competition just rank for it

    Just here to see the shenanigans.

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      Yeah that's my problem. I think I found a good niche and then I look at the competition and think I won't rank better then them. I just need to go for it and stop wasting time. I wasted about 5 days keyword searching.
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        Don't worry of competition. I would even go after highest competition. Also, I hope you check your competition using the right techniques, otherwise, you will ignore niches which in fact, does't have that big competition. Personally, I never check competition because it narrows your outlook there. Instead, focus on your keyword and rank it there. Then look at your competition after you ranked and see what results you have achieved.

        Originally Posted by Luvfoxy7 View Post

        Yeah that's my problem. I think I found a good niche and then I look at the competition and think I won't rank better then them. I just need to go for it and stop wasting time. I wasted about 5 days keyword searching.
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    You also want to make sure that the competition isn't too fierce. I personally like to look at who is currently on page 1. In order for me to proceed I want to have at least 3 sites that I think I could possibly beat out. These would be sites with PR of 2 or less with less than 1000 backlinks. Ideally, there would be 5 or more sites I could beat out, that way I have a really good chance to get page 1 without too much effort. In my city, industries like web design and home builders are fierce, while locksmith and chiropractors are easy. Oh ya, I just use the Free Version of Traffic Travis to determine the competition.
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    thanks guys. I think I'm just going to go with what I got and hope for the best. The first one is always a test
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      Have to subscribe to read later. Just got my first lead gen domain and am on odesk looking for somebody to build me a site right now.
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