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Hi gang,

We've all seen all the buzz going on with having a directory and how you could make a "killing" having your own directory 'n all...

So, I was discussing developing a niche directory with a couple of pretty successful friends (at different times...the two don't know each other), then they asked me:

What benefit is there for a customer or advertiser, when there's already Yellow Pages ( ... And the same visitors and/or advertisers can go there and get the SAME info ... Besides YP has the name recognition already and a marketing budget to back it up.

So, I responded with how much more this directory will be targeted to this niche versus a directory for EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING.

Hmm... they just were not buying it.

So, before I start approaching businesses/advertising, I would appreciate your feedback on this question:

"Why should I advertise in your directory, when I'm already listed with and I'm getting some business from them AND they have the name recognition already?"

(No offense to John Durham for asking these questions. Just wanted go in with EYES WIDE OPEN )

I would appreciate VERY STRONG PERSUASIVE AND CONVINCING reasons why we should have niche directories...

(Disclosure: Its not like I don't know the benefits of a niche directory already, however, I think we all "WIN" when we can have put in our arsenal of rebuttals ... besides the obvious benefits of niche specific directories).

Thanks in advance!


P.S. Is it just me or there are other warriors that would like to load up their rebuttals - ready to fire...then, may be aim!
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    A "niche" market I work with is "Restaurants and Gift Shops and Local Attractions that appeal to TOURISTS"!

    2 things about Tourists; they usually travel without food and most Tourists, nowadays, carry some kind of Mobile Device.

    So....when they check into a hotel....they are HUNGRY and VERY INTERESTED in finding Places to Eat!

    What if there was a "Sign" at the front desk (and, in their room) that said, "SCAN THIS CODE FOR LOCAL RESTAURANTS AND PLACES OF INTEREST!" (There's also a URL they can type in, if they can't scan the QR Code)

    Would restaurants and businesses interested in contacting interested in being in a "DIRECTORY" that appeals to Tourists?

    You Bet Yer Boots!

    You could then use your "Tourist Directory" as a Springboard to a "Town" business Directory!

    Don Alm
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      Thanks Don! I appreciate your input!

      I'm thinking more along the lines of how to overcome objections and close the deal with local advertisers...

      Thanks again for sharing
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  • Profile picture of the author maricelu A good thread which has answers to your concerns.

    I have no signature.

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      Hey Z! I always think about....WHY....should potential clients ....PAY.... little ol' ME?

      What makes MY program different than anyone else's?

      "Why should I advertise in your directory, when I'm already listed with and I'm getting some business from them AND they have the name recognition already?"

      So....what I've always done is....GIVE MY PROSPECTS A "REASON"... WHY.... THEY SHOULD PAY TO BE IN MY PROGRAM!

      So....I take a look at....WHAT do local businesses WANT?

      Example: Referring to your "Directory" question'

      Take a look at the following businesses:
      Insurance Agents
      Mortgage Cos
      House Painters
      Drain Cleaners
      Remodeling Contractors
      Interior Decorators
      Pest Control Cos
      Moving Cos
      Retail Shops

      Question: WHAT do these business owners WANT?

      Answer: Obviously....they want MORE customers/clients/patients

      So....considering the above list of businesses....would people who JUST BOUGHT A considered....GOOD PROSPECTS?

      You Kiddin' Me? "NEW HOME BUYERS" * are on the TOP of any business's List of TOP prospects!

      The "Home" can be a "used or recently built HOUSE"! When people move into a "Used or Newly Built House" starts to become a HOME!

      So....the "Home-Buying" business is starting to pick up (in MY area) these Home-Buyers WANT? Ans: ALL Kinds of services?

      HOW....are little ol' YOU gonna satisfy these New Home Buyers NEEDS & WANTS?

      One way is to put up a "Welcome To Our Town" OnLine Directory! A Directory that list businesses and services that NEW HOME BUYERS are SUPER interested in. are these New Home Buyers going to know....WHERE.... your...."Welcome To Our Town Directory" is located on the Internet?

      Well....the people who have FIRST CONTACT with potential New Home Buyers are....REAL ESTATE AGENTS!

      So....your "JOB" is to find a way to "Force"...RE Agents to introduce their House-Hunting clients to YOUR...."Welcome To Our Town" Directory. way to get RE Agents to inform their House-Hunting clients about YOUR...Welcome To Town Directory is to hand them a Card with the URL of YOUR Directory.

      Now....not to keep you in suspence BUT....there are ways to get RE Agents to tell their House-Hunters (Home-Buyers) about YOUR.... "informative DIRECTORY".

      So....understand the "HOT MOTIVES" of 2 types of business people;

      1) Business Owners who'd like to contact Home Buyers BEFORE they move in
      2) RE Agents who'd LOVE to provide their House-Hunting Clients with GOOD INFO to help them move in and get settled and....thereby helping them to CLOSE SALES....thereby putting MORE MONEY into their pockets...FASTER!

      Don Alm....finder of Motives
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        Thanks for NAILING IT for me Don!

        At the end of the day, its really all about getting more customers coming in to buy (more frequently, I might add )

        Thanks again!

        P.S. - Just had a BIG "Duh!" moment once I read your post
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