Why cold emails will work: real life evidence

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I got 6-7 clients from 250 emails in 5 days...
And "cold email doesn't work"
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    and what? Can you share your method or tips to other members here? No offense but your thread waste of time w/o any information, tips.
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    and I get 900 clients out of 1,000 calls...

    See how easy it is to make claims?

    On average, offering offline services it takes 1,000 cold emails to get a client, from a testing sample of about 100K, those are the averages.

    It also depends on what you're offering. You offer domains.. I could see your percentages being better than someone offering $1,000/mo SEO.

    It's a matter of what is effective and what is efficient. Cold emails just aren't effective or efficient. Can they work? Everything can work if you try it enough. To build a business you can't count on one form of marketing. If it worked that well, you wouldn't be asking for investors in your signature, you would have the money from sales! lol.

    Really though, I do emails every now and then because it is something that is part of marketing and if it's later at night and I obviously can't call anyone, then why not send some emails? It just isn't as efficient as others. If you're on a shoestring budget, it might make sense to do it more than someone that can invest in PPC, direct mail, etc.
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    I actually don't sell domains!

    Recent domain flips : $8->$1000 Social recruiting Software dot com $8->$2000 MobileSalesSoftware.com
    Invest in domains without the hard work !
    Email for details...Mike McAleer at me dot com

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    Then my question is what are you selling to get that amount of results from cold emails?
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    You might have any specific technique. The conversion rate is really high. What you are offering and the package should have the attractiveness to bring that much customer.

    check out the Pros and Cons of CPA

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    Sometimes Cold emailing is considered as spamming, I think that is the reason your cold emails are not working.

    Tanya Dimple
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    So was it 6 or 7? Not a large enough number to lose track of.
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      Emails can work, I've done it - and I'll be doing it again next week... *HOWEVER*... it depends on many factors:

      1) what the email says
      2) are you trying to sell FROM the email (I wouldn't)
      3) if you contact them first to let them know you WILL be sending an email... then they're looking for it and will likely be much more receptive
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    what were you selling? at what price point?

    Make $150 everytime someone backs up their computer!

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    Cold emails DO work they always have and always will. Hell and affiliate of mine uses cold emails to push my software and makes a decent amount of sales per month in doing so.
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    Hi Mike. It would be nice if we got a bit more information on how you go about with sending emails.
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    Assuming he is telling the truth - none of it matters unless we know what he is offering and at what price point.
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    Hey Mike, did I miss the evidence? 2.8% conversion seems realistic, but I am wondering like everyone else, what did you do to achieve a conversion rate that high?
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    At least show some proof!

    Guys, it's not about how many responses you guys get. It's about how many you CLOSE. I can get 50+ replies if I wrote, "hey i left something at your store." but that's not the direction you want to go with.

    And be consistent with your emails. At least send 1000 emails to say things work or not. If you're giving up after sending 25 emails, I shall give you a ninja slap.


    the question is... ARE YOU WORKING THE SYSTEM?

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      Chris did you write a WSO on emails??
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        Originally Posted by sundaymorning View Post

        Chris did you write a WSO on emails??
        Nope, and I don't plan to. I'm actually pretty tied up with coaching, product launch for real estate investors, my seo company, speaking and etc.

        My advice is to just keep on testing different kind of emails. Don't depend on the gurus and just be your own guru. I'm sure you'll get it. gluck!
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          Yeah I can dig it. I can get and send plenty of emails it's just the following up and the closeing that is the problem.
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            Originally Posted by sundaymorning View Post

            Yeah I can dig it. I can get and send plenty of emails it's just the following up and the closeing that is the problem.
            I broke offline down to science.

            Step 1: Marketing
            Step 2: Handling & Closing
            Step 3: Delivering

            All these guys make it sound so easy but even if someone comes interested and you're not ready at "step 2" they won't trust you and just work with someone else. Like Jordan Belfort always says... they have to like you, like your company, and like your prodcut/services. If any of those aren't there it's going to be an uphill battle.

            And after you get the step 2, you gotta deliver what you promised. Everyone promises seo but how many can really deliver? And how many can actually give the design and web site the client wants.

            You really gotta master all those 3. That's just how I run my business. I'm sure some might do it differently but our team always analyze why some deals come fall out by looking at the 3 stages on closing.

            Hope that help.
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    Lol, well I guess the OP won't be coming back. Nameless hit him in the gut...hard!
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    Congrats on your success Mike

    Make $150 everytime someone backs up their computer!

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    congrats man, im about to scrape some leads and start doing the same, any advice?
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    Originally Posted by Mike McAleer View Post

    I got 6-7 clients from 250 emails in 5 days...
    And "cold email doesn't work"

    Hey Mike, I hope you check this... I've been trying to reach you for over a year...I bought 7 of your website designs but can't get your attention for fulfillment.

    please send me the form or pm me so I can get my sites built.
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      I got my first 2 clients from cold email.

      If I stopped there it might sound pretty good, but let me tell you what it took

      I hired a guy on Odesk at $2 an hour to search for certain businesses in an area and basically blast a email that was something like

      Subject Line:
      Looking for a carpet cleaner

      and then it would be a whole sales email offering something for free

      It took over 1,200 (most likely more) just to get 3 people interested and out of those 3 got their free offer only one bought anything and it was just a google places listing which wasn't very lucrative.

      Long story short "it works" but it could be spent doing other things that bring in higher wins.

      To be fair i'm trying a new email approach which is to email them a free offer and in the email put a SpyPig tracker in it. When i'm notified that he/she opened it then I immediately call and hope I get the "whoah, I was just reading your email.

      But I havent tried it yet....will do this week and report but I have a feeling it would just be as good as cold calling.
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        I've done a lot of cold emailing. Success in cold emailing depends on what you're selling, how targeted your list is, what the demand for your service is like, and what your email copy contains.

        I sell SEO content to SEO companies, IMers, and similar. My service is very affordable, hugely in-demand, and my emails are targeted. I start with short emails proposing further communication on the recipients' SEO content needs. I keep it simple, and it leads to good sales, due to the above factors. I have what the recipients KNOW they need. SEO content is usually part of their business model.

        Also, Nameless makes a good point on pricing. $1k packages won't sell easily via email. My customers can spend anywhere between $6 and $20000 on my services. I can meet all kinds of budgets, making it easier to sell. The low buyers tend to be repeating customers, so it's all good.

        Your best bet is to look at it as starting relationships. Don't go in for the hard sale immediately, but don't beat around the bush either. They should know straight away that you're interested in doing business with them. It's important not to trick or deceive.
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          Originally Posted by Ashley C View Post

          It's important not to trick or deceive.
          -Right. Not only that, but when cold-emailing B2B, you want to ensure CANSPAM Act compliance (i.e. no misleading subject lines - among other things).
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    Is the 250 emails list are categories meet your niche? If yes , it usually have higher conversion rate. Try to target more while you can use email marketing tools or system to blast out few thousand of email per day.
    So why not go for more ?
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    My first big seo client came from an email.

    Basically, I had done work for a firm in that niche on a "pay after results" basis. However, after I delivered page 1 ranking for a very competitive keyword, the Director procrastinated on paying up.

    After about two months of delays and the cheque is in the post. I wrote an email to about 20 of his competitors, on their info@whatever.com email address.

    Subject: Looking for a new contract

    It mentioned that I had been working with this guy and my contract with him had ended. I delivered a 1st page ranking for him on Google, you can see it by typing XYZ into Google.co.uk. If you click onto his website, my company watermark is at the bottom.

    I am now looking to do work with a new company, so if you're interested in getting more leads from Google, email me back.

    Within a week that email got forwarded to the Managing Director of a multi-million pound company. We exchanged a few emails - NEVER SPOKE A WORD ON THE PHONE - and I ended up with £5,000 in my Paypal account [at that time, I wasn't too clued on about monthly retainers].

    So I suppose, honesty always prevails.

    I have done bulk cold emails with c*** I've got off WSO's and majority of the time, they don't work.

    My most successful approach has always been of someone looking for a job. That way I get UP TO a 20% response rate.

    Just my two cents,

    Author | Speaker | Digital Marketing Coach

    I help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results online. Get in touch to see how we can help you build a 6 figure business.
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    Was thinking about trying cold emails, but they just seem too spammy to me. i need to toughen up. lol
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