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by d17
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I am selling an e-book about buying and selling gold. It is a solid first-hand experience book with real-life value for anyone with any gold at all. Plus it shows how to set up your own "cash for gold" business.

363 unique visitors came and left without buying it. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

Cash for Gold: How to Buy and Sell Gold
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    Study guys like Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Trevor Crook, Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, Pete Godfrey and Dan Kennedy, you'll find plenty of their work you can learn from and model from on the net, because your sales copy needs work but it also needs Copywriting Strategy (But first learn how to write effective sales copy)
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    You might not like what I'm about to say, but I want to be honest with you and tell you what I think some of your issues are.

    First off the buying gold topic is not a niche idea anymore, with all the companies out there advertising on tv, online and offline.

    Also, there is a ton of info. online for free regarding buying and selling gold, etc., so that makes it hard for you to sell your ebook.

    Another thing that to me is a big issue is your price of $49 is high and right now online the popular selling price for ebook courses is between $17-$27

    I'm not going to keep going on as I think you get the points I made, but another idea for you if you have another ebook you can sell is to offer one for free or for $10 and build a list and offer your other ebook at a higher price for sale to your list.

    I hope this helps and if I can be of any help, please feel free to PM me.

    To your success,

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    Brian is right, I recommend you to do the same thing - read about Trevor Crook and the rest of the people that you could learn a lot from. You must learn how to write 'marketing style', the art of persuasion. It isn't really hard but you need to read and apply the rules.
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    So you are in a high competition market with a product that doesn't stand out as unique.

    Not a recipe for success.

    At the very least, rebranding is in order. What unique thing are they going to get from your product, and your product only?
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    Brian and William, thanks, I'll read those guys.

    Martin and Jason, thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it, and I'll think about how to use your advice to the fullest.

    The book is almost unique. I found only two competing books, and both are poorly written (one is same price, one is cheaper). The book actually contains trade secrets that enable all those cash-for-gold places to open and flourish. This info is not available online at all, because all the cash-for-gold places can exist if this info is not public. Others, not in the business, have no idea what they are talking about - just copy each other.

    Maybe, I should try the "cash for gold scam" approach?
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    From a marketing perspective, it almost doesn't matter what's in the book. You could have the most awesome, most effective content--and if nobody is attracted to buy it, that content is worthless.

    In contrast, a shoddily put together book can sell with the right message to promote it.

    In the long run, however, the bad book will collapse because its reputation will get around.

    Mark Andrews, the copywriter, sent me something once. It was a WSO page for an SEO product. Man, was it EVER In Your Face!!

    And the content...it was as if they'd ripped it out of a technical manual.

    But who cared? The marketing was effective, and it sold...and then the goods were worthwhile, so the offer did well.

    So consider your marketing message.
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    I hate to say it, but 363 visitors isn't heaps...

    But it does sound like you need to tweak your sales letter - have you considered hiring a copywriter with proven results?
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