Marketing Chirpractors, Whats Working??

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Hello All,

I have just picked up a Chiropractor client, I am looking for some warriors advise who have had success in the chiropractor niche. I am doing their seo, ppc, email marketing, social media and he is open to direct mail or anything that will bring new clients as well as up sell is current clients.

Any ideas, suggestions, strategies, info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Greg, you seem to be on the right track! I've had chiropractors as clients too and have used a combination of those marketing tools you mentioned in your posts. The main thing I found: the marketing needs to be consistent.

    Definitely, try to get their database into an email responder (if they don't already have that setup) since I found that was the quickest way for patient reactivations.

    You can also try to work with the chiro to figure out what his sales goals are: are they looking for 2 new clients per month? Looking for clients with a particular issue (i.e. sports injuries vs. automotive?) Looking to cross-sell other services (massage therapy, physio, etc.) This can also help in determining what kind of marketing plan or tactics will suit best.

    I'd even go beyond just marketing and talk to him to see if he's open to other ideas like perhaps setting up a formal referral program (whereby existing patients get a reward for bringing in new patients), a loyalty program and even a patient appreciation event.

    Lastly, congrats on the new client!
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      Thanks for the great feedback. I will discuss the a referral program as well as customer re-activation program. Great ideas!

      Thank You!
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    I do a ton of work for my chiro client.
    There main thing is just getting clients in the door.
    Just like every other business.

    However, don't get stuck on just Chiro City, City Chiro, etc.
    Also focus on back pain, neck pain, etc.

    Show them what their competitors are doing. Tell them they need to be doing the same thing, except by working with you, their stuff will be better.
    I have my clients create the videos, articles, etc... I just market it, and don't get paid any less..
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      Thanks for the info.

      do you find you get traffic from back pain & neck pain? Do you use them as keywords?

      What is your keyword strategy?

      Thank you,
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