Review Acquisition Strategy

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Hello All,

Reviews are critical, we know this. Some sites like YELP discourage soliciting reviews. It is wrong. But when a customer says "thanks, you did a great job", asking that person to 'digitize' their review online isn't soliciting reviews. It's asking them to digitize a review already provided.

Training your customers, and their staff, to keep an ear open for these comments, and taking action to get the customer to leave the review online is critical. We do several things from Review Post cards to auto responders.

We encourage marketers like yourself to develop techniques and templates to send to your clients. This is critical to receive REAL and LOCAL reviews for clients.
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    A custom review gateway is really the best way to accomplish this task. You could have a "review" station at the business and just get proxies so each time someone leaves a review the proxy gets changed. I create custom review gateways for business that funnel in bad reviews and make sure that positive reviews go to where the business will gain the most benefit. Contact me if you are interested.
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    Funny this thread just popped up. I'm about to release a totally KICK A$$ solution for reviews. Can't wait!
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      Originally Posted by Rus Sells View Post

      Funny this thread just popped up. I'm about to release a totally KICK A$$ solution for reviews. Can't wait!
      Hey Rus,

      I'm sure looking forward to your new review solution. I have GP Scraper and love it!
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        Hey Mojo!

        I did observe the aweber notification that you are an early bird! LOL

        Thanks for being an avid GPScraper fan too! Did you request to join our FB group btw? Open GPS and you'll see a some rotating links in the top right corner. What till you see the facebook one and click it. = )

        Originally Posted by mojo1 View Post

        Hey Rus,

        I'm sure looking forward to your new review solution. I have GP Scraper and love it!
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          Originally Posted by captinamerica View Post

          A custom review gateway is really the best way to accomplish this task. You could have a "review" station at the business and just get proxies so each time someone leaves a review the proxy gets changed. I create custom review gateways for business that funnel in bad reviews and make sure that positive reviews go to where the business will gain the most benefit. Contact me if you are interested.
          I for one think its better to funnel reviews via customers smart devices. No proxies needed then. The major sites get proxy list's, they may even subscribe to the same proxy services as marketers do. Then they just monitor for the proxy IP's to connect to their site and that's the end of it so to speak.
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    My brother has been able to do wonders by having each of his customers fill out a review form which he is able to bring forward as a part of his sales presentations.

    It doesnt seem significant until you see that yiou have 100 reviews... but its a good thing to think of ahead of time like he did. For instance, i have a bunch of testimonies I could gather, but I didnt think forward and they are scattered all over the forum. Those could be valuable for things even as major as getting an offline book or audio publishing deal.

    Your reviews are valuable.
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    John is correct mine help a great deal. I do them in form of suveys and get results like the below.

    Read these reviews and tell me if a good review would not help you consider doing business with another. here are the last few I put on my sight. PS when selling I even had my own page with reviews and sold 2-3 deals a month off of people reading my testimonial page done off of surveys back then as well.

    I've been selling for 19 years and I have only worried about getting my numbers. Michael's class explained why they are low. The workshop allowed me to understand car sales from the perspective of the customer. It taught me how "not" to avoid the customer when hit with objections, but to ask a lot of questions directing the customer to the final destination. I will now have a better understanding of the customer, because I will become the customer. After 19 years in the business I have never heard anything like this. Super great info!! (Melvin King Jr)

    Thank you for showing me a work track on how to get past "I'm just looking" in an "affective" way. This has been one of the hardest hurdles for me on the road to the sale. Also hearing you explain how the top 2% in the business sell was a big help!! Your personal branding material is something that will also work for me. (Burt Dunavant)

    Michael was a very articulate trainer. Every topic was clear and to the point. His techniques are new and innovative for today's market. I strongly believe that what I have learned in his conquering sales class will both boost my confidence and increase my sales dramatically! I highly recommend Michael for EVERY sales person new or old! (Rodney "Big Man" Tate)

    I have learned how to understand the customer, what they want and are looking for. I have also learned the top 8 questions statements and objections that customers hit us with most of the time, how to overcome and handle the situations affectively. (Jonel Feliciano)

    Sharp work tracts in order to address the customers key objections and how to turn the conversation into investigating/info gathering stage. Michael also gave examples on how to better direct/guide the customer through the process, and to the sale while allowing the customer to feel they are in control. (B. Sawyer)

    The phrases Michael taught are "lethal". The psychology is often missed when dissecting the sales process. So, entering the customer's mind is preparing me for the objectives to make sales and life much more fun. Fresh new ideas were lacking in previous seminars and this class was a breath of fresh air. "Buyers are Bluffers not Liars!!" (Chris Nelson)

    Michael made me realize that I need to spend more time asking my customers questions. Also, made me see how fast I was speeding through the process of the sales, because I didn't know how to "direct" my sale. He gave me skills I needed and showed me the mindset I need to have. (Katelyn Sanders)

    Michael was great! He really provided a different scant on the meet and greet as well as a great portion of the sales presentation. I like the way he gave us ammunition to handle the various smoke screens the vast majority of customers hit us with daily. (Henry Hamilton)

    I had begun to believe I had peaked in terms of sales knowledge and capabilities. Not being content with 10-13 sales I was hoping to get a fresh perspective. In Michael's class I feel like I learned a side of selling that while seemingly an obviously right approach was completely ignored or unseen by others. I look forward to using these new techniques. (Greg W.)

    Great workshop! I definitely got a lot in overcoming objections and dealing with them "before" they come up. I feel I really learned how to deal with the "best price" customer as well.. (Vincent Valenty)

    If you want to sell more cars take Michaels classes! When I look back at all the other trainers, most of what they teach is the road to the sale. Michael's classes revolutionize how we should approach the customer, integrate all the things a salesperson usually runs away from, and how to bring them into the road to the sale and become more successful. His info is truly enlightening and very informative. I used three different techniques he gave me on three deals in six days and closed those three deals as a result. I can't wait to learn more! (Josh Wack)

    Michael class was very knowledgeable. I was given knowledgeable word tracks as well as techniques on customer closings. I would like some of your in-house training on marketing and personal branding. (Randy Boyd)

    Michael this was a very good class I attended on training. I learned a lot today and always need training from a "good" trainer. (Bill Fialko)

    Your class was eye opening and thought processing. The techniques are applicable in "everyday" selling transactions. I would like more of your in-house training on investigation. (James Martin)

    I really liked the workshop. I have studied psychology. Michael's theories and concepts are very sound. They are actually based upon the works of some well known and proven scholars in the field. The seminar brought me back to the basics of using common sense again. It has increased my effectiveness and sales every since I first heard Michael teachings. (Scott Bryant)

    I have read and heard countless hours of material on sales and the sales process, so I can honestly say this information Michael teaches is among the top 10% available period. Michael does a great job of presenting the information in a way that both captures attention and invokes action! (Jared Lee)

    I was actually skeptical at first. I had tried the meet and greet sample he gave at the dealership which helped a little. But, after attending the full seminar with Mr. Bucker I now fully understand the meet and greet process and the "why" which I now know is so important. I was able to clearly understand my faults and I'm positively excited about trying the new theories on "directing" my customers, proactively selling a car that leaves the customer feeling confident, and has them happy replying with good surveys and returning to ME! Refreshing different training. (Brittney McKee)

    This course tailors a lot of the essences of personal sales to auto sales in a very concise package. The tips provided are easily applicable to any dealer or selling situation. I have found the techniques very useful. I look forward to seeing further gain from these new ideas and how they will help me develop professionally. (Trevor Jines)

    Michael is very informative. It has been very interesting learning how to deal with customers objections. Also, learning how to greet customers without putting them on the defensive issues they have against salespeople. Thanks (Sue Brown)

    I thought the workshop was very informative. There was a lot of great information shared as well as techniques that a person would use every day of the sales career. I would highly recommend anyone who has never had "professional" training to take Mr. Bucker's classes. (Gary Don Staggs)

    Bingo! Anyone can memorize a brochure or spec sheet, anyone can shoot the breeze about anything. This course has shown me how to properly combine the two into an "effective" method for increasing sales, and not just run the customer off or turn a would be buyer into an enemy! I learned how to coach by questions. Very simple and easy and very much needed. (William Blake)

    I have been selling for over 6 years and have taken several training classes from well known trainers such as Grant Cardone and Joe Verde. After taking some of Michael's classes and utilizing the techniques I have now almost double my sales! (Scott)

    After 30 years in the car business I have heard or read every trainer you can imagine. After taking some of Michael classes I am finally able to relax my customer and make the sale process more comfortable and easy for them. What sets him apart from all the others is his psychology and the proactive way of approaching the sale. (Ben Hamilton)
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    Here is a copy of our review acquisition strategy we give our clients.
    Review Acquisition Strategy
    Father, Entrepreneur, Author, Adranalist
    I teach entrepreneurs to build a sustainable Internet Marketing Agency with real value. I have many free resources and paid training programs available

    -->My Training Website
    -->My Agency Website
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