I need help with a business name...

by aimkg
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This is probably the hardest part of setting up my business. Coming up with a name that I can also get the domain for. I know I shouldn't spend too much time with this so I am going to start the formation of my company next week no matter what. I already have a couple ideas. I would appreciate if anyone could offer any more or had any advice. Thanks.
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    Hi, Would help if you let us know exactly what type of business you are setting up and your thoughts and ideas thus far.................
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    Well we have no idea what your business is!

    But if you are doing offline marketing and your username is Aimkg - look at something like Aim Offline or Aim Marketing - then you could use a target as your logo....

    But if that's not what youre doing, then I'm not sure ... he he!
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    Did not know that my post would come up before I put up the poll. And yes it is an offline marketing business, which is why I posted in the "Offline Marketing" section.
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    Still lots of different things that you can do under the banner of Offline Marketing...............
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      True, well the idea is to get our clients more customers, more sales, and of course more profits.

      In terms of services:

      -social media

      Really just a general marketing/business growth/consulting firm.
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        Here's a site that'll help you brainstorm biz names;

        www panbee com (sorry about the non link, not enough posts).

        I would recommend sitting down for like half an hour and just brainstorm. Literally take a notepad and vomit your brain on it. :p Write anything that comes to mind no matter how crazy it might be and you'll be surprised at what you come up with!
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  • Hi there

    No idea about your business but try to find some unique name so that it also goes in your domain URL.

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