Best Affordable Tablet For Fb Check in?

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I have a client that runs a Hair Salon and was wondering what would be the best affordable tablet to have a salon to have clients use to check in on fb and maybe surf the web,pandora and that kind of thing , i was thinking maybe the kindle fire since its a steal at 200? or there something out there thats alot better around that price that i can mod, rom and put ice cream sandwich and and make it work just as good as a asus prime/ transformer?
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    You might check Acer Iconia A500. I got mine for $274. I considered both of your choices before I bought mine. And Galaxy tabs can be had for 299 or IPad 1 Ebay around 200-250.
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      I bought a Pandigital Supernova through QVC on a payment plan. I think the total was like $180 (there are cheaper Pandigitals too).

      The reviews were 50 - 50. Some people loved them, some hated them, so, I took the plunge and got it. Best move I EVER made. Aside from it freezing up once or twice since last February, not one glitch whatsoever.

      Super fast, great graphics, youtube videos look great. It has it all. Obviously, it can't compete with an ipad or similarly priced tablets, but, for the money, you cannot go wrong with it

      P.S. - Yes, Kindle Fire's for $199 books are the best out there too
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    Can't speak to the quality but I always see super cheap tablets on this site- Ben's Outlet
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    Kindle fire would be fine if satisfied with a 7' and prepared to root and rom for the full experience.

    If you can grab an Asus Transformer I would.
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    i think im going to end up going with a kindle fire refurb on amazon for like 140... not bad considering if i root and change rom ill have a full android tablet. with ics
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    Wow how do they get those prices on that bens outlet site?
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