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Hey guys,

From all the resources available, what site have you had the best experience with as far as hiring sales people?

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    I work with offline affiliates, students etc. it works great and they are very cheap
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      Originally Posted by IMVIKING View Post

      I work with offline affiliates, students etc. it works great and they are very cheap
      What is an offline affiliate?

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    if your looking for telemarketing slales ppl let me know... i have some ideas.
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    Hi Hangover, let me know your ideas regarding telemarketing sales people? I need some.

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    i do work in a company that hold 700+ telemarketing ppl located in israel and well known worldwide.
    if u wish to have any details you are more than welcome to PM me...
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    College and university intern boards. Students are your best bet if you need an inexpensive sales force.

    Michael Harris

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    you should try job posting sites, or craigslist is great for hiring cold callers
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    Check out The Telemarketing Forum - Index

    There's an advert section for hiring.

    Trial for $10/hr (John's suggestion) for 10 hours and see what you're paying for without investing a ton of dough.
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    Hello! I say you hire great students if you're looking for cheap and fair labor. I hope that helped you in a way or so. Best of luck to you though.
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    Hi there,

    If you're looking for people to help you with that then I suggest you hire someone from the Philippines. They're good and at the same time its cheap.

    Just make sure you prepare training modules before they start doing sales for you. I've seen and talked to a lot of successful Internet Marketers who got to where they are by outsourcing people from the Philippines. In fact I outsource people from the Philippines. PM me if you need some tips on this.

    Just my thoughts
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    "sales people" is very broad. Give some more info on what you are selling and the market.

    Often times people overlook doing a deal with existing sales forces, to give them another product to sell and gives you warm clients to close.

    i.e. doing IM/mobile marketing etc...partner with a bank that can offer new accounts a "free" mobile web page clients for their business. You get a wholesale price from the bank (soft money), then you get access to the new client to upsell them directly.

    A lot of forum discussion on bars/restaurants, Docs/Dentists/Chiro etc... Instead of direct cold call marketing, seek out those that already have relationships. In the case of bars/restaurants, liquor and food distributors have sales people calling on them at least a couple times a week. It is competitive. One of them would love to do a deal with you to provide some IM service to retain and lock in clients. You make a little money by the distributor paying you, then you get access to client to upsell them.

    Same with docs/dentists/chiros etc.. They have accountants, HR outsourcing, medical supply distributors etc...already have relationships with them. Team up with them to make a promotional program and you could be given warm/hot access to all their clients in short order.

    these are sales teams or at least hot lead gens that cost you pretty much nothing.

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    Hello! You can try outsourcing the employees you need. But you have to choose who to hire before jumping in.

    Let me know if I can help you Warrior to Warrior.

    Good luck
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    you will get a lot of applicants for your job if you post it to:

    Job Search | one search. all jobs.

    It's about 1/10 the cost of Monster and higher quality than Craigslist.

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