How to send emails to businesses effectively? Warriors please reply.

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Hi warriors.
What to write in emails if I am offering some web designing services and social media. How to convince the businesses. If you had some success with it, how did you do it. Please reply warriors. I will be highly thankful to you all.
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    I suggest you include details about past success with similar type of businesses/businesses in their niche. Also, be very clear on your pricing, will save you time later on.

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    I have WSOs from a couple of leading offline guys who just use an email of introduction - hey, I want to introduce myself. I do web design. I'm looking to expand my circle, I'd be happy to chat with you about your site.

    They do that at a high volume.

    I've had better luck making some kind of offer - free website repair, free evaluation of their online marketing strategy, free video ranking, something like that. And include any testimonials you have as Tom said.

    I like to say - below you'll find a couple of testimonials from people who got an email like this from me and decided to see what I could do for them.

    Good luck!
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    1.) I personally wouldn't focus on "selling". They will ignore it right away.

    2.) I would focus on businesses that already "have" a website but it can clearly use some work... then simply let them know you can "help" (without insulting their current website).

    Like Tim says, introduce yourself and then just let them know you feel you can help them out. If there interested in hearing you out or seeing what you can do, give you a call.
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    When emailing a business - it's important to keep in mind that these folks are busy. What you're offering is not nearly as important to them as it is to you (at least not yet).

    So, you should make sure your communication is in line with the following:

    1. Include a name. Don't just say "Hi" or "To whom it may concern." Your email should be personalized. If you look around their website, you may be able to find a contact person. If you aren't sure if it's the right person - state that in your email and ask them to forward it along if they're not the right person.
    2. Keep it brief. You should aim for your email to be five sentences or less. Any more than that and you could overwhelm the recipient. They may like what you have to say but because the message is too long, they will mark it for follow up later. Once that happens, you're as good as in the recycle bin.
    3. Create a special webpage they can click through to learn more (be sure to include a lead gen form). Instead of including a whole lot of information in your email, include a link where they can click through and learn more about your offering. You can include pictures, video, etc. on this page - but you MUST include a lead gen form to collect contact information from interested recipients.

    Once you get started with these three basics, you will be able to better understand your audience and come up with other "best practices" for getting in touch with those folks by email.
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    Hello econnors and all,

    thanks for share this. I just plan to sell my graphic services to local business and stick here . I always worried about cold-calling, which I have some talk-difficulties when offer something. It's really help for me.

    thank you,
    YES, I am a graphic designer! Ready for hire! PM me...
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    Q: How to send emails to businesses effectively?

    A: Be personal, send the email directly to the person who will sign the cheque for your service, don't send a global email (spamming) they just go straight in the bin and you get blocked from further contact.
    A: Say what you can do for them, how you can increase their profits. Concentrate of how you can help them make money not on your excellent product or service.
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      Make a personalized video using Jing that shows how you could improve their current site.
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    I used to use Jing, but really like

    It takes a bit more time, but create a personalized video email and you'll get their attention. I have been doing it since October. It's my only form of client acquisition besides referrals (don't come often enough)
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    My suggestion would be not to look 'needy'. You can earn a lot of money through email but you have to do it right. The best thing to do is to get their attention by showing them value and then from there earn their trust.

    Engage with them and get to know them through email and create a good relationship. Identify their needs! Once you've done that, you could start telling them about your services/products. Don't appear like you're selling it. Try to get their own opinion to whatever product you're selling. Make them feel that they need your product by showing how it could help them or their business.

    Just my thoughts
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    Take the time to personalize it just like you would with a direct mail piece to increase your conversions. Not just send out an email "blast".

    Custom tailor it with a video and a catchy subject and you'll have some success. It's a numbers game. Just keep sending and you'll soon see some success.
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      Originally Posted by ADukes81 View Post

      Take the time to personalize it just like you would with a direct mail piece to increase your conversions. Not just send out an email "blast".

      Custom tailor it with a video and a catchy subject and you'll have some success. It's a numbers game. Just keep sending and you'll soon see some success.
      ADukes- Do you do mainly email marketing? Any direct mail or cold calling?
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    Will these steps work for emailing business from Craigslist? Seems liek people on there (businesses) dont want to advance at all!
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    Email if you wish but do not rely on just emails as how you market.
    If you are doing an email campaign and are not getting responses title your last one "last chance". When running email campaign in the past that title after a few sent out with no response resulted in some replying that did not before. Usually stating an apology along with interest just timing was an issue resulting in lack of response sooner.
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    For me, maybe something like below:
    1 attracting title, then customers will open it
    2 simple content about product
    3 tarketing customers

    It is just my views about email marketing. Besides, one friend recommend me a knowledge base management system to add more functions to my email. I download a free one from the site and think it is good use. You can have a try.
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    Thanx everyone 4 your opinions.
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      Originally Posted by Tara4eee View Post

      Same problem as yours, as of now I'm on the process of discovering things that could probably help. Anyway I'm continuing forum commenting, blogging and of course posting quality articles.
      SPAM- same post on multiple threads
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    I like the idea of Jing. I have used that with some of my prospects and they really appreciate the personal service.
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    As email marketing now are losing its effectiveness because many people are not giving their time to open the mail and treat this as spam. So what is necessary is to targeted email to those who may feel interest on your product and will give effort to open the mail. Title/subject needs to be short but attracting so that it can attract them to open. The next important matter is simple and informative contents. People are busy and not have enough time to read a lot about your offer.

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