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I have found some micro niches to work on in the wedding industry. I am confident that I can rank a website along with videos for those keywords.

I was thinking about purchasing the exact match domains for these keywords but then started thinking about the rent a site model or going with ranking videos.

I see the value in both, especially video. From a vendor, I am wondering what they would see more value in. A rent a site or a simple video.

Just wanted to get some more opinions.

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    Depends on the micro niche and what your client(s) want (e.g. a cake maker may want to showcase their cakes with video, but a wedding planner may need a website to explain many things and may just want to receive more calls etc.).

    There is value in both; provide both. If you don't want to provide both, decide on which one you would prefer - and target businesses that would benefit more from your service(s).
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    By doing better video optimization we can rank well our video and by properly stuffing keywords.
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    If your video ranks well, a link to your website in that video will also serve your purpose. Isn't it?
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    Why not do both? If you are ranking videos and a site, you are hopefully supplying more value to your client by an increased amount of awareness.
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    This is a double post. Make sure to let moderators know that they can delete your other thread.

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    Q: Ranking video or ranking website! Which to do?

    A: Both. In general you cannot include links with video on places such as YouTube but you can include contact details in the video (not clickable). So the best solution is to promote your videos with contact information to your website where you can further promote and sell your products and services.
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