Instant Customer Evolution? Any thoughts?

by s62731
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Instant Customer Revolution* I realise I spelt it wrong above lol

Hi Guys,

Just wanting to hear everyone's thoughts on this new program?

Find the videos here: Instant Customer Revolution: Become a Highly-Paid Business Marketing Consultant, Free Book and Video

Seems to come with a lot of cool stuff. The mobile stuff seems awesome, and so does all the contracts and pre written stuff.

Is it a good investment or am I getting caught up in hype?

Has anyone purchased it and loved it?

I do believe after 5 months, you have to pay $199/month to continue with the traffic geyser and instant customer systems.


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    I took a brief look at it, and it looks like mostly video marketing and social media stuff. I get my Traffic Geyser stuff done on Fiverr. Doesn't really seem worth it to me - download their free ebook thing and give it a look.
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    it looked good to me, i didnt have the money for it though.. and its more than social media. but if you want to test it our before you buy it go to instantcustomer [dot] com and take the dollar trial and then buy it.

    I think its great because its saves you the time of thinking stuff up. You just download the forms and go get clients.
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