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by rbowen
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How do I go about creating or finding content that is relevant to, say, a Chiropractor, Plumber or any other local client - that would help get their site ranked better?

I realize that oftentimes an exact-match domain name is pretty much all that's required (right?), but in some niches/markets - like New York City Lawyers - that might not cut it.

So, any suggestions?

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    The exact domain is just the beginning. Content can be created by you or find a writer who uses your keywords and your long tail words throughout the content.

    You can find talented writers here on the warriors for hire section or many other sites - odesk, etc.
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      Lori -

      Thanks, but I guess I should have been more specific.

      What's there to say ... what kind of content - 3 or 4 articles, say, of 500 words or so each?! - can I (or someone I hire) write about, say, a plumber (or plumbing) in St. .Louis or a carpet layer (or carpet laying) in Sacramento?!

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  • Add a page for each key service they provide. Publish a few pages for the neighborhoods, towns, or suburbs they do the most work in. This article has a few more ideas (no connection):
    Content Marketing for Local Business: 5 Resources for Ideas - ReachCast Blog: Web Presence Optimization for Local Business
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    I usually have my articles written by three different writers, all with the same generic subject.

    That gives you three different versions of the same topic. I then take these articles and hand spin them and add my own local key words to the content.

    So they would look something like this:

    {Hiring|Finding|Locating} {affordable|reasonable priced|reputable} {Plumbers|Plumbers in St Louis|St Louis MO Plumbers|Plumbers in St Louis}

    After I spin the articles, I go through each one, correct any words or sentences that don't make sense, while I'm doing this I add my voice to each article as well. This often adds another 50 to 200 extra words per article making them even more unique.

    The articles that I correct and add my voice to are the ones I use on my sites, the spun articles before I rewrite them are the ones I use for creating backlinks on 3rd party sites.

    This process takes me about 2 to 3 hours per article to spin and re-write and add the keywords, however, I end up with 500 plus articles from this process.

    Then I will take those article and substitute another keyword to them and create 100's more articles.

    Example: instead of St Louis Plumbers, I would add Emergency Plumbers in St Louis, or Water Heater installation St Louis... Etc.
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    I am not sure whether you want to have content on your local site or just want to distribute articles on article directories.

    If first - then write some information about your company, add some long-tail keywords within the content, different variations of your main keywords etc.

    On the other site, if you want to have a backlink from an article on,, etc. then you should write content related to a specific topic. Sometimes, you will be able to add your location in the title Kansas City Dentist - A Modern Dental Specialist - Health - Dental Care and on other directories you won't be able to do this: .

    Hope this helps.

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      Ask your client for some plumbing horror stories, then write content on how not to end up in the same situation. Ask your client what makes them different, why someone should use them, then write content that addresses that..

      Add an 'ask the expert' feature... Have clients ask questions... Best ones are answered on the site (the owner tells you the 'correct' answer, you make it sound good in writing).

      Add a section of advice: the chiropractor gives advice on things related to what he/she does. Some like writing, most don't... But they all can answer a few questions, and you write that...

      They know what most of their clients suffer from, how to help them, and what client they want around... There's got to be 5-10 pieces of advice they can give such clients that are both helpful and get the client/prospect to wonder if it's time to go in and see the chiropractor or, for the plumber... wonder if it's time to have the sink plumbing redone or checked.

      If I ask my clients to write anything, they balk at the idea. If I ask them to give me a few ideas about what makes a good plumber... or to give me an opinion on what some other plumber, chiropractor said or did... or what's that machine/tool and why do you use it... I heard someone say xyz bad/good about it... Is it true?
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    Maybe do a page on term definitions in the field, of tools used or how to determine if you have a problem, describe the process(that you or they do) to take care of a problem. I have been told that 700 words per page is best these days. Shorter pages work better on secondary sites like web2.0 sites.
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      Thanks to Everyone!

      I appreciate the ideas. Anything to kick start my old brain-box

      And if anyone else cares to add more ideas, please do. We all get to benefit ... get each others creative juices flowing.

      Keep the ideas coming!
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    Well, just a few days ago, one of my Warrior Forum clients ordered articles on 'chiropractor." I'm not sure if you're associated.
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    Originally Posted by rbowen View Post

    How do I go about creating or finding content that is relevant to, say, a Chiropractor, Plumber or any other local client - that would help get their site ranked better?

    So, any suggestions?

    I work a lot with Chiropractors, Dentists, Attorneys and other businesses that offer professional services for high-fees and there are a number of ways I get content (although one is because I have an unfair advantage).

    Problems: What Would An Ideal Future Client Want To Know?

    The first thing you can and should do is ask them for details of the problems their ideal client would want to know more about. It makes them think deeper about whom they want to attract and will help you start figuring out the actual content.

    What Are They Being Asked About By Clients?

    The second way is to as them about the questions they get asked on a regular basis by their clients.

    What Can They Share For Free That Others In Their Industry Are Charging For?

    This may make some of them have a near heart attack but I've found out that it works very well for my clients for positioning, lead generation and conversion.

    Pay A Professional In That Industry For Information can then use that information over and over again.

    I have a business partner who is a Chiropractor and last quarter partnered with a Dentist under a similar arrangement. They get help with their marketing and selling and I get access to powerful inside information that I turn around and use to position myself as a content marketing expert with others in the same industry.

    I tried ghost-writers for this high-ticket clients and it just didn't work, no matter which country they came from and no matter how much they charged.

    This approach has allowed me to build quite a database of content that covers 6 months in the areas I mentioned above i.e. it provides 6 months of content for any new client in these areas -- totally reusable with only some changes for each client.

    Hope this helps and gives you some pointers you can use.

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