Is Content Creation Generally Included in Agency SEO Fees?

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Just trying to get a better understanding of the scope of activity that is standard practice as far as providing SEO services go.

Do you include generating content for a company blog as well as perhaps guest posts, in your SEO fees, or is the cost of article writing calculated and billed separately?


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    Tough question, because there are different school of thoughts.

    When delivering Search Marketing services, or SEO, our objective to collect revenue and deliver a service that yields expected results. So, for $1000 a month, my client needs a ROI within 6 months. So we do what it takes to make sure they get to at least #2 o #3. We create the content and try to operate with a 30% variable margin.

    On the other hand, Web Develop service doesn't include content creation intended for conversion purposes. This is added fee.
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    Content creation as part of SEO. Give me your contact info and I will be sure to exploit the heck out of errr... I mean, send a lot of work your way.
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    Content creation is not typically included in standard SEO work. You should be charging for it because the talent and man hours are separate from the execution of the seo work.
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    I believe most of the SEO companies offer content writing as a separate service unless its a package deal.
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    Well this is good stuff. I am also wondering the same thing.
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