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I was thinking about switching things up a little since I have hit a sweet spot lately and been rocking on selling services, and custom software of lately. I was looking at possibly GIVING away for FREE some of my viral applications on social media for Facebook and Twitter.

I would walk in to businesses and give them the whole shebang, domain, viral app, setup, config, design (template of course its free ), and even start driving some traffic. I would then give the business several options.

They run a campaign for like a coupon, or free item. For instance a cafe would do free coffee if you add this app etc. If they go with my free option they can have it for free, and I keep joint ownership of the list (see where I'm going here), OR they pay a small fee up front and just pay per user every month inside the system. So a small business could pay like .10 a user per month, and if they have 1,000 person list that's $100 and I just bill their credit card on file .....

Any thoughts or suggestions on making this a super Kill...

The way I see it, a good restaurant is good for 1,000+ fresh names and the viral potential of one of my apps with 1,000 installs could mean $500+ versus a couple hundred. Yeah its a risk, but so is all business.
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    Originally Posted by Nathan Robinson View Post

    Strong username in correlation to thread/last sentence haha

    I have found that when you give things away you are getting clients that arent worth the trouble. Same goes for working cheaply. Those clients might just be headaches.

    They see your business as cheap so will treat you like that.
    Nathan you hit it dead on with working cheaply and discounting the service. However, I left out a key point in my opening post of very selective on who we let utilize this. The "Selection" criteria would be more important than the execution. It would have to be clients as partners, and their investment would be promoting, printing, etc. I am after their names, and foot traffic more so than just the possible service fees.

    Campaigns is where the money is made. Its like creating a CPA campaign but offline. More effective for a business, easy pickings for IM guys like us, and in reality better than Groupon. Picking the RIGHT business PARTNERS would be key in this.

    PS: Thanks for the name comment! Def a risk taker here!

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