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I am about to do a campaign with about 10,000-30,000 flyers, doorhangers, and postcards hitting the streets. I was looking for what possible CPA offer I may plow on the back of the cards. The front is for a community event, and major retailers like walkmart etc locally are allowing us to pass them out in parking lots , and in the store.

Also some volunteers are going to pass out about 10,000 around the city on door hangers. I was thinking about possibly getting about 5,000 bags made up and letting companies toss their flyers in it too for a small fee.....

however was looking for suggestions on what CPA, or Call in offers are hot right now. Something general audience, easy conversion and general population appeal.

Im looking strong at freebie offers, contest offers too.

PS: If you want in, let me know and maybe you can take a slot on the back of the printing and get some traffic. Proceeds are for a good cause anyway.
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    Your idea sounds like the epitome if your handle. Just kidding man, I wish you luck! Sounds like a great idea, I'm going to do the same but PM me or email me at marketforus1@gmail.com to see if I can get on the flyer as well.

    The good thing about this business is that "People don't succeed cause they aim too high and miss, no, they aim too low... and hit. Most people don't aim at all." (Les Brown)

    Not us... Not marketers. We live far above mediocrity. Always keep this in mind at all times..

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    Hey buddy give me some idea too so that I can get flyer soon.
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    Will let everyone know once I get front side of flyer designed. I am having about 5,000 flyers done up now for a southern USA campaign.

    Get Paid

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