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So I have been really gaining interest in doing offline marketing and helping local clients build or redesign their sites. I am really proficient in Wordpress design and coding, I have yet to attempt to sell any of my services just yet. However I am planning on doing so to a friend whose father runs a well known local company in town and their site could be improved.

My question is, I am only able to offer website design and some consulting, I am not able to do SEO only because that is one area that I am very weak in and need to learn, especially in regards to Local SEO. So if I go to clients and offer my services of Web Design only, that would probably include all text/pictures on the site, that will obviously not do anything to improve their SEO, is that something that should be stated up front? Obviously in a more professional manner, that I strictly will be doing web design and will have little to no impact on their Google rankings?

I do know that I could obviously outsource the SEO work, but is outsourcing SEO work for a Local Business a viable option?

Thanks in advanced, I look forward to hearing from everyone!

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    Click Search above, click Advanced Search.

    Type SEO (or google, or first page) as a keyword, select Only thread title. Select Warriors for Hire on right side.


    Open all SEO providers, read their testimonials, read last page, read any guarantee.

    Markup the price.


    Edit: Web design must include doing your client's on-page SEO correctly. Which is half of SEO.
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    I agree with Fanny, if you can't do it outsource it. I've had my local marketing business for over a year now and for a good part of that I've had the support of a whole group of professionals that each specialize in different aspects of internet marketing, seo and web design. I can't even begin to tell you how many times we've either helped each other out for free or hired each other.

    There are lots of "free" or low cost websites businesses can get now but those don't offer the value and service you will. So don't be afraid to charge for your time and services. If you aren't charging enough to be able to outsource what you don't know how to do you might be in trouble anyway.

    For this first job you may just want to charge enough to pay someone to do the seo so you get some experience and an example to show potential clients. But make sure they know those are special rates just for them so you don't get cornered on price if they recommend you to other businesses.
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    I apologize, my steps above is not entirely correct.

    What you should do first is to find a keyword research provider.

    So input 'keyword' as a keyword (without quote), show the results to your client ... plus pricing for each keyword.
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    Yes, I agree. I would outsource the SEO work to sell the service if necessary.
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    i would reccomend learning a bit about SEO even if your just making the sites and outsourcing the seo later. you will still need to code the clients website in an seo friendly manner with the header tags, alt tags reflecting the keyword of your choice.

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      Thank you for the responses, so given everyone's responses of being able to effectively outsource SEO work, it should be stated that I should not be selling Web Design service without SEO, is this correct?
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    Do on-site SEO when designing their site

    Meta tags, H1,H2 tags, alt-img tags etc etc

    Explain to your client this will help search engines better understand their sites content but if they wish to move up significantly in SERPS they must do off-site SEO - you could even pass them on to a online client for a small percentage?

    Unique Content is all that matters!

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    I think everyone is saying that you can and you should, but doesn't mean you must.

    If you're not comfortable doing it, don't do it.

    For example, if a client ask "How do you plan to get people linking to our site?" and you'll only give him a blank stare.

    (That is a small chance, though. Most businesses don't know jack what SEO is, they just know the end result)
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    Paul, if you have basic knowledge of seo (enough to answer your clients questions about it) I would go ahead and outsource all of the work.

    Theres alot of individuals/companies out there that charge peanuts for quality seo work. Find someone you're happy with, mark up their prices and you're good to go.

    And maybe you should also look into outsourcing your web design. This will save you alot of time, and allow you to focus on sales.
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    when i sell sites, i give people the option to have an seo package, if they dont choose it i just optimise their website on page. nothing else you can do, and you can still sell websites without seo.

    for example if your making a website for a builder, then the builder will want to show potential clients the work he has done. he can hand them a business card with the website address on there and they can check out the work.

    seo is important but a website provides value even without it.

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    I'll tell you a secret. Local seo isn't as difficult as people make out. If you are designing a site for a florist in YourTown and there are only two florists there, you'd have to do a pretty **** job not to get to at least no2 in Google!
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      I think before you go out and outsource that you learn the basics so you know what you are looking for and what to outsource. Otherwise you might just do damage or see no improvement in the rankings.

      We Provide SEO and Web Design for Small and Local Business.

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    A website really should be designed with SEO in mind, makes life much easier. I would work to get up to speed on SEO so that you offer a total solution.
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