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What is means to SEO your local business with Google+.

Google Plus Search Engine Optimization Video

I was invited by Dan Thies from SEO Braintrust to provide his students with an update on the changes at Google concerning Local Businesses. Although at the time of this webinar, most major changes aren’t yet rolled out, I dissect the plans being rolled out by Google and identify what local companies should continue to do to win in search in coming years. To learn more about conducting an analysis of your local business, contact my Chicago SEO Company.

At the end of the day, nothing’s changed for local businesses. They continue to need to properly market themselves in the Internet, for their specific audience, not deploy some cookie cutter SEO strategy
The changes are an enhancement of a social layer, it’s allowing businesses not just a place on the Internet, but a place on the Internet to communicate and engage on the internet with their audience. It’s this engagement that provides the social signals that Google is ultimately looking to help provide for better results in their core product, Search.
Listen to the Changes for Google+ Local provided by LMS and SEO Braintrust.

CLICK TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE ----->Changes To Google Places and Google+ Local - How to SEO Google+ - YouTube

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