Suggesstions to get best traffic?

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hi, anybody knows the best method to get traffic for a site because it is very important for a online marketing
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    For traffic you must advertise your site like submit it to search engine..or Spread your site name by leaving links on differnt sites..
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    Traditionally search engines drive more traffic to a business website than all other mediums combined. With search, you have organic and paid channels.

    Email Marketing is said to have the greatest ROI for a local business.

    Social is still up in the air for many local industries.

    and don't forget Offline to drive traffic online such as speaking and networking.
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    Do social media marketing and I mean a lot of it. You'll get tons of traffic by doing so. Just make sure that you provide your followers and subscribers with daily and meaningful content lest they get bored reading the same thing over and over again.

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    There's a lot of ways to get traffic. The fastest way is using Paid Traffic. With this kind of traffic, you need initial investment but you can see the results in short time also it's scalable. You just need to double your spending in order to get double traffic.

    If you would like to use Paid Traffic, you could use these sites:
    1. PPC (Adwords, AdCenter, FB Ads, 7Search)
    2. Direct Media Buying (BuySellAds)
    3. PPV (Adfly)
    4. Solo Ads
    5. etc...
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    For getting traffic if you can invest on PPC that you will surely get the amount you are investing and even more.
    Then you can go for SEO. Hire some seo expert who can make you get good amount of traffic. I know some of the experts who can help you.
    Submit your sites on serach engines, directory.
    Make some good articles and submit them on good PR sites.
    Always be active on FB, Twitter and Pinterest by this you can get some good amount of traffic.
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    Originally Posted by mayankgangwal View Post

    For getting traffic if you can invest on PPC that you will surely get the amount you are investing and even more.
    No, PPC is not that easy. PPC is quite hard and complicated. Most beginners, that use PPC for the first time, lose their money. Their PPC spending is bigger than the site's revenue.

    Before you run a PPC campaign, you should read books/ reports/ articles/ guides about how to do PPC in the right and profitable way. It'll prevent you a lot, from burning your money to PPC's fire...

    If you wan to get easy Paid Traffic, you could try BuySellAds or Solo Ads. Unlike PPC, both of these methods have a little learning curve. You just need to make banner or write email and that's it.
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    Social media is good if your audience finds your content share-able. Otherwise, you will spend an inordinate amount of time working on the technical end instead of making your content superb. Provide some information that is new, fresh and insightful. Think about the kind of stuff YOU see on social media and say, that is really cool, I am going to RT that or post it to my wall, or Pinit. When your content is superb, you can eventually pay somebody to do the mechanics..imho.

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    For getting good traffic, there are lot of ways you can follow. You can do targeted email marketing, posting on forum, commenting on blog, submitting directories, promotion on social sites and so on. Select your on depending on your capability and need.

    check out the Pros and Cons of CPA

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    There are several methods to get traffic in a site. Google has been very strict in recent days and just want to show their users the best results for their queries. So, if you want to drive traffic in your site through google, you must keep some very important things in your mind-

    *Research is a must: Search for high quality relevant sites to build some quality backlinks. If you found 20 high quality sites in your niche after researching for 30 days and can get 10 backlinks from them, it will be worth 100 backlinks.

    *Facebook: Make a facebook page regarding your site's niche. Try and build a community. You will get a lot of traffic.

    Also, you can use other social media sites like twitter to drive some traffic. I hope this will help you a lot.
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    If you have the money for it, you might want to consider advertising with Facebook. It'll get you instant traffic... but you have to do some SEO if you want to continue getting traffic to your site without the advertisements
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    goo "dot" gl/cN2Be
    Thats can give best traffic to your site.
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    Use social media sites to get valuable traffic.
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