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There seems to be a lot of discussion towards prospect / client acquisition. This is a strategy we've created and have been testing for a few months now.

This is a VIDEO of a Webinar I did on June 19, 2012 with local businesses as the audience. We target Chiropractors, Attorneys and Dentists.

Maybe you can learn something or know something to help me improve our process!


Here's the details.

We drive traffic to our agency website through email marketing, social channel, search and a couple of partner sites. We collect our email marketing list through manual networking channels such as industry trade shows and local networking events like the Chamber of Commerce.

Once opt-in, they are sent an 8-email auto responder over 30 days driving them to an analysis sign up or webinar.

The webinar ultimately drives the audience to sign up for an assessment.

We have a qualified educated prospective buyers


Growing Your Business Online – Local Search Results

This Webinar profiles page factors, ranking factors in listings, citation and link acquisition strategies, local reviews &amp; check-ins, local citation sources and the various filters, snippets and ratings for reviews. It also covers our Review Acquisition Strategy for Local Businesses.

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