Want to CRUSH All of Your Competitors? Then do this...

by Dexx
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The reason Apple (and Steve Jobs' outlook) has been so successful is because they don't CREATE new things as much as they constantly strive to innovate on what is already existing in an industry and change how the world views that industry (portable music players, tablets, phones, computers, etc.)

If you can remember to finds ways to make something faster, easier, or function more effectively, then you too can not only create massive profits for your own businesses, but ALSO for your clients as well...

Remember: Followers don't become leaders...not in today's fast changing world.

Just constantly focus on finding a fresh "new" way of doing something...

This doesn't mean coming up with something from scratch, it can just mean that it is "new" to your market, your competition, or your clients in general...NOT new to the world.

This could occur by applying old things in new ways to an industry, applying new things in new ways to your market, applying new things to new markets (for you or your clients), or even going "retro" and bringing back old thing to old markets.

"Offline Marketing" is a classic example of hyped-up marketing fad which is just putting a new spin on old strategies. (using the internet as the medium)

Quit looking to WSOs to hold your hand to riches, grab a quality book that was written back in the 80s for generating customers and new leads in a down economy and apply those classic strategies again NOW...I can almost guarantee you'll see results for a fraction of the cost of some electronic report...

Or keep doing what you're doing and let other marketers grasp this concept and crush your business...either way the choice is yours



PS - This is also the secret as to why the "Gurus" keep rehashing the same old material over and over into new $1,997 courses that people keep buying ;-)
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