Which way do you operate in your business?

by Dexx
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Hey gang,

I'm just wondering how many of you still get your clients to sign a physical copy of a marketing agreement and then hand it back to you (or scan and email/fax it to you)...

and how many of you are now using the electronic document signing services to get clients to sign and approve the documents which are then stored online (and could be considered my convenient to do)

I've been doing it the old physical way, but I'm starting to look into the E-sign services...anyone have one they've been really impressed with?

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    I use an esign provider and really like it. I started out with a free membership, and recently upgraded to a paid membership (I rarely ever upgrade services). I have found that it had greatly decreased the time it took to get a signature. I don't use it so much for archiving purposes (I don't really need archiving, and there was no real way to organize the signed paperwork). I use it mostly to avoid the logistics in figuring out how to get the signed papers back to me, since clients would have to print, scan, then email, and it seemed like a lot to ask if them (and it would take a while I clients to get around to doing it).

    I also like that some providers offer a fax service as well. That way if clients feel uncomfortable about esignatures, they can print out he document, sign it, and then fax it in to your esign provider. The signed document then goes to your account and gets emailed to you. This is great because I don't have a fax.

    Try out a free membership, and see if you use it (I didn't need to upgrade for a few months, I was still using traditional methods for a while)
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