How much is this kind of lead worth to you?

by ShayB
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I don't do SMS marketing campaigns. At all. No interest in starting them.

But I know they are a growing trend, etc. etc. much is a qualified lead worth?

Type one: They have requested some type of info about SMS campaigns. The info has been sent, but no other contact has been made yet.

Type Two: Leads that have requested info, and a follow up call has been made to verify interest.

Just curious.
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    I used to offer SMS and did VERY well. The reason I stopped is because of the market becoming saturated and the value declining. You used to be able to charge $1,000 in setups, and now the same exact thing, people struggle setting up for $200, some do free setups.

    SMS is very niche related. I don't think it's the right solution for all niches. The only niches I really targeted was restaurants, bars, night clubs, strip clubs, and music venues.

    For someone just selling SMS plans, it might be worth $50. Maybe... it could be worth more for someone that sells SMS with SMS strategy.

    Type 2 leads, market rate is about $20/lead when bought in bulk. Usually you will need to buy 50 leads ahead of time to get that, but they also sell to 3-5 other companies. Are these just for SMS or for Web Design, SEO, ORM? If they are for the other services, maybe we could talk and work something out that would make it very lucrative for you as well, but I have a feeling you already offer that lol.
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      Thanks for the reply!

      These are leads for SMS, but I would assume that whoever is working the leads would talk to them about SEO, etc. and try to upsell them, so to speak.

      I'm working with someone here locally, but I'd like to eventually try it in different markets.

      Just trying to see if it would be something worthwhile to do.

      When I generated leads for insurance guys, I got a fairly low per-lead price, but I also got a bonus if the lead converted to a sale. (A nice bonus. )

      Was wondering if that kind of arrangement would work for something like this, too. Not sure. :confused: I knew what kind of conversion rates the insurance guys had (about one in three). For this, I'm not sure what to expect.
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