What You should Know about Google+ for Businesses

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Google is making huge changes to the way people get information from your businesses. This I must say is in favour of small business owners. However, there are a lot of questions concerning the connection between the Google+ Page, Google + Local Page and Google Place Page.
This should throw some light on the differences between the Google platforms
I hope you find it useful.

Google Places, Google + page and Google+ Local Page: The Differences

Recently, there has been a lot of questions about Google places, Google + Page and Google+ Local Page. Here is a response from Venessa, an employee at Google.

"A Google+ page has all the social features available to Google+ users -- Hangouts, sharing to circles, video uploads, etc. A local Google+ page is just a new look to the Google Places listing, minus the social features. Those social features are coming soon, as I mention in my original post above. And as I also said, we know it's not ideal needing to manage two separate pages."

Google also plans to merge Google+ Local page with Google+ Business Page. Any Google + page formally created by you will be merged with your current Google place listing. Note that this may cause some malfunctional issues. Such as missing reviews and addresses. Here is what Venessa has to say:
"Be sure to choose the Local category so that we can bring your multiple pages together to create one listing later on."

Some Facts You should Know About from Venessa @ Google

 A user who wishes to leave you a review must have a Google+ account.
 Your customers will also need a Google+ account to leave you a review as well. This means no anonymous reviews
 Real names are allowed. Nicknames not allowed in places reviews
 Leave a Review Button has been moved to Google+ Local Page. This means most features in the Google place listing is being migrated to the new Google+ local page
 You will need to re-publish old reviews with user approval as Google wants to ensure nicknames and anonymous names are eliminated from its data.
 New Zagat review button shows reviews in numbers. Google now hides full reviews on the search engines.
 For multiple listings, bulk Upload was recently upgraded and is available in Google+ Local
 Verification process for Google page listing has not changes. Verification will still be done via telephone.
 The Google + Local pages are indexed pages and are now showing up in the search results as a standalone result in addition to a pinned result. So in that sense they are a web page and not a search result.

There you have it. Some tips to hold on to while Google makes its huge transition from Google Place to Google+ Local Page.
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