What's the best way to learn a sales presentation?

by chadim
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Well, I made it through the first day at my new sales job. Things went well, but I definitely have alot of material to learn. I was given a pretty good booklet with information about our main product. Also sat through a pretty detailed presentation. It was very well done, but a little daunting knowing that I will have to produce one of similar quality at some point.

The presentation took a few hours because it was done interactively where myself and another sales guy could ask questions. I have a recorded version of the slideshow presentation on my computer(a different person doing this one, and more concise). This one last about 20mins. I may be called on a little later in the week to do parts of the presentation as well.

What's the best way to learn a powerpoint presentation in the shortest possible time? Should I just make notes on it? Keep watching the recording over and over again? Cue cards? What works best for you? Thanks for your input.

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    It will vary for everyone, but I find being natural -- as corny as that is -- is better than being over prepared or reading off of a notecard. To be natural, you have to be confident. So, become an expert in what you are selling, but don't memorize a script.
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    Just cramming till you cant stand it, then taking a good break and coming back to it does wonders.Once you have applied a ton of pressure to yourself, then relieved it, going back in is easier, and you assimilate more.

    Also just getting out in the field, making mistakes, tripping over your tongue a few times and generally "banging it out" as we say is the traditional way...
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    Yeah listen to it a few times, then listen to it and repeat along. After that just keep repeating it over and over. Listen to it before you go to bed.

    Make it yours though, and you'll be all good. Before my big sale jobs like that, I would practice a lot. I would read the presentation over a 100 times.

    I showed up ready to work, and it paid off.

    Good luck @ chadim
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      I would simply study it (as stated above) and then do the presentation to family members and friends.
      Doing it will add extra pressure on you and you will be able to see where your weaknesses are. That will help you prepare for the real ones.
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    Put yourself in the customer's shoes and prepare your presentation in that manner. In this way your presentation will look natural and you won't forget anything in between. Try to be yourself, maintain honesty and be confident.
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    Practice makes perfect in this sense. I think just practice in front of the mirror to gain some self confidence.
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    PowerPoint is an easy-to-use presentation tool – but, like with any tool,
    its use is only as effective as the presenter who is using it. In putting together your slideshow, you’ve obviously considered key elements such
    Who is the spectator?
    What do they already know about the stuff?
    What do you want them to learn by the end of the lecture?
    Where will the presentation take place and under what conditions?

    1. Think about goals and purpose of handouts.
    2. Minimize the number of slides
    3. Don't parrot PowerPoint
    4. Hold up your end
    5. Time your talk
    6. Give it a rest
    7. Make it interactive
    8. Mix up the media
    9. Hide your pointer
    10. Rehearse before presenting
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    I would suggest the quickest way to make it your own and learn it is to create 6 powerpoint slides, each for …..







    Then simply type in the answers.

    This is a quick way to organize your thoughts , learn the material and be prepared to answer questions from the sales trainer or sales manager.
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    Practice really does make perfect. There is no other way to be honest.

    You've just started out so it's gonna take you some time to get used to it, but a few weeks down it will almost be second nature to you
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    I guess that depends on the type of learner you are. Whether you learn better via reading or by hearing it. I usually do both. I would go through it with a digital recorder and read the presentation to the recorder. Then play it over and over again. This way you could do it wherever you were.

    After hearing it a couple of times, I am sure that you would be able to have enough down for you to be able to start pitching others on it. Practice with family and friends and have them ask you different off the wall questions. This will keep you fresh and ready to answer anything.

    As mentioned above. Natural is best. Don't have a script, but be prepared. Let confidence exude from your delivery and just go at it. You will do great!
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    Just make a try with these simple steps as follows,

    * Define your process
    * State your message in a nutshell
    * Write your last paragraph first
    * Identify your main Points
    * Illustrate your main points
    * Plan your sequence
    * Write your introduction
    * Revisit your last paragraph
    * Rehearse
    * Perform

    Dedicated Blogs

    Links from authority blog posts that comes from different C class IPs
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    Self-confidence,practice can help you for selling presentation.
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      You asked,

      "What's the best way to learn a powerpoint presentation in the shortest possible time?"

      I would assume you are a visual learner from what you mentioned. If that is true, watch the PPP three or four times with each view committing to memory what you see on more and more of the slides.

      I once posted about doing pushups. I think watching slides and remebering them is about the same. Before you can do 20, you have to do one then two then three then five then ten then twenty. Doesn't work any other way.

      Your PPP is arranged in a certain way so it'll replay in that order everytime. Learn the order. Once you learn the order, you'll remember the words. Just like one, two, five, ten, twenty.

      Just my 2ยข...

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        I'm in this same boat. Need to learn a 30min presentation asap. Actually super stressed at the moment, because my boss wants me to give the presentation tomorrow for a small group of coworkers. The problem is, I don't know it. I've seen it a small number of times and I have the recorded presentation where my boss runs through it, but man...this is stressful.

        I usually prepare by learning the material fully and then I'm not so nervous because I know what to say. Here I'm probably going to have to adlib alot since I don't think I'll remember all the content. They tell me just to do what I can so they can look at my presentation style. What should I do to prepare? Just keep watching the recorded presentation over and over again tonight? Have to present it tomorrow morning.


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    Watch Youtube videos and practice your presentation in front of people. After you start doing it for a while it will become easy.
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    Chad, at what stage are you going to use this presentation or a similar one in your process?
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