How do I market this?

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Would like to help someone market their caregiver business. How do we do that? She's a certified nurse assistant with experience and would like to go private and offer her services to the elderly etc.

She currently has no money to advertise in newspapers or magazines. Anyone with any ideas where I could start. This is so urgent right now and any help would be appreciated.
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    Hi Abby,

    This sounds like an opportunity, if not for the money then at least for a testimonial or proof to add to your portfoilio.

    I'd start with a simple one page lead generation website and video.
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      Since there is very little money for advertising I would start with some type of flyer to post around town in local businesses and hand out to family members and friends. Chances are there will be someone in your friend/family circle that will know someone who could use assistance.

      Word of mouth is sometimes the best form of advertising and looks like this will be needed here since the gal has limited funds.

      Also, there are numerous free places to list your business like craiglist. Not sure what area you all are from but I'm sure there are similiar services to post a free business listing. Hang the flyier in business, laundrymats libraries etc.

      Hope this helps and all the best!
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    Get her setup with a local web presence, Google + Page, Yahoo & Bing Local.
    Start building a foundation for her business locally and growing this.. Unfortunately moving forward organically to fast you run the risk of spam unless you go into paid search..
    There is always directories such as Craig's List..
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    i would start by just using all the local directories and craigslist. also joining local facebook groups and stuff
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    Free local directories are good. Having a physical presence at events and organizations are good as well, for example perhaps a church. It also takes money to make money as we all know, perhaps a small ad would be a good invesment.

    Oldschool advertising also works, like the good'ol flyer in the laundromat!
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    Just a heads' up that the squeeze page you link to in your profile doesn't work. The email capture is an empty box.

    Sorry to stray off-topic, but I hope that helps.
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      Design nice posters on a computer and ask to put them up in G.P.'s surgeries and on hospital notice boards.

      Churches would probably put them up.

      Leaflets (again on a computer) in the same places.

      Perhaps offer a commission to churces for every client she gets from them. Either a one-off commission or a percentage on everything she earns. Later, when she is established, she wouldn't need to use those methods or give commissions.

      Postcards in shop window would be another way.
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